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Some c0Ol combat Moves

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Hello, in this tutorial (first tutorial on the new forums) im gonna tell you some cool combat moves. This tutorial is mostly for beginners, but if you are advanced veteran player, you may learn something new, too!

Please note, this tutorial was made when the game was in beta 1.07a


First move:

If you have the skill named "Special Strike, Better"  hold shift and press the middle mouse button (the little wheel) then you will kick in the direction you are aiming. You can gain advantage using this move on some maps, for example map "Outbreak" you can kick zombies off the roof, wich will result in an immediate kill, or the map "Murder Room 2", where you can kick the enemies into the giant fan in the middle of the map.


Second move

You can grapple enemies if you have the skill named "Grapple". By grappling enemies, you are draining their tac-bar. When you are pressing LMB (Left Mouse Button), you punch enemies, draining their corpus, and after corpus is drained, you do a finisher attack. For now, punching enemies isn't very effiecient, because enemies have a chance to finish you off, too, but it is helpful if your character is freshly created and isnt very powerful to kill enemies with simple punches. To throw enemies away, you need to grapple them and press movement keys Really fast. If enemy grappled you first, trying to throw them away will result enemy being pushed away a little, so you have a chance to escape.


Third Move:

You can press K to ragdoll your character. It's useful on map "Murder room 4" when you are swarmed by enemies and you know you will be dead, then you can press k and wait for laser to hit you, resulting to launch into space. When you fall, you will lose one corpus block, so its useful when you have 2 corpus blocks minimum.


Fourth Move:

You can throw weapons, if you have skill "Throw Weapon". You just need to hold Q and click LMB.


That's it for now. I made it at late night and im kinda lazy ;D If i can, i'll update this tutorial later, with more moves added. Again, this tutorial was made when game was in Beta 1.07a.

Good luck in the game!  See ya! ;D


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