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Firearms you'd like to see in the project nexus

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pm63 is a sexy as hell gun, and the idea of tossing in more guns that require one at a time reloading would give way to the sks, or an sks clonelike.  It'd be great for lower level 'adequate' firearms.

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  Obviously, it'd need a design change and a different name, but I thought the concept would be rad. Shishkebab.thumb.png.beb857fbafa743f5201932f81bbd2b81.png
  This is the Shishkebab (specifically, the Fallout 4 version), a makeshift weapon made from a sword and an attached gas tank with numerous nozzles coming out of it, effectively covering the blade in flames when activated. The sword will always emit fire when brandished, but the flames will become brighter and hotter when swung. 
  Now, the idea of a "fire sword" isn't exactly obscure, so this may have been suggested, or even implemented in the game, I just wanted to put it out there in case you weren't considering it already.

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