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Just played the demo, here are my thoughts.

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Hello all, been following Project Nexus for a bit, at least ever since the first game released on Newgrounds. Saw that there was a PC Demo and played it for the first time.

I really like it! When the combat works, it works really well and feels pretty satisfying. The animations are lovely, the viscera is plentiful, and it's an all around good time.

However, cracks did show, and that's to be expected of a demo that's constantly being built, but my biggest issues would have to be the controls. Aside from my usual nitpicky preferences when it comes to keyboard controls, playing the game on keyboard doesn't feel very good. It feels kinda clunky with some key placement, namely r being drop weapon instead of reload and q just being a bit awkward to hit in some instances. The game feels much more enjoyable on controller.

There's also no way to swap teammates on controller. I'd say set it to right d-pad since that's currently unused.

Aside from that, I'm having fun so far.

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