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Madness: Story of Phobos

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Disclaimer: this "mod" is uploaded here for the sole reason of "why not". Don't expect it to be something amazing or groundbreaking. It's just a fun little modification for fun.

After a whole day or two of screwing around with Flasm, i decided to cobble together a little story using the knowledge i acquired. It does not make any sense in the context of the game, but it's still pretty fun.

Madness: Story of Phobos

As a Riot Guard Phobos Agent, your task is to beat the everloving shit out of those pesky Agents who dared to capture and imprison Phobos. Going from building to building and destroying their precious facilities - you will topple their organization with ease. And for the final mission, Phobos himself shows up to annihilate what is left. Have fun!

This mod does not change any sprites or levels, it only modifies your character. Only Chapter 1 is changed. 
All levels in the game are unlocked as a testing feature, but i decided to leave it in for the player's convenience.
Oh, and please don't throw Phobos' sword.

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