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M:PN Mod - NotEnoughMadness v14.4, 09.09.2020 (mpn 1.13.e)

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The mod could be prievously found on the crm discord server in #mpn_beta_1_13e channel, but now i've decided to publish it here too.

This mod currently works only for version 1.13.e of the game.

Please credit us when recording the mod on youtube or some other video platform

Mod developed by:




|| I will edit this post when i will release a new version ||

06.08.2020   -   v14.4:



1. Download the file

2.In steam, right click MADNESS: Project Nexus


4.Local Files, Browse Local Files

5.Replace "Madness Project Nexus_Data" folder with the one from my mod.

6.Play the game

glhf 😄



- Create your own custom characters, which then you will be able to: hire, play as and spawn.

-Teleporting to boss rooms (with a few exceptions: jeb fight, the first 2 C&J fights, mag bandit rematch, first phase of sheriff (where you drop boxes on his head))

-choose the character u spawn with in arena mode via origins

-you can hire every character in the game, even unused enemies


-spawn weapons

-change music

-spawn enemies


-flash your character with a color

-custom appeareance in story mode

-teleporting between sectors and gamemodes

-morph characters

-custom weapons


Full everything is in the readme.txt file. Open it and read it before posting anything here. thank you, good night










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update from v14.1 to v14.4 (mpn 1.13.e)
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