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I think Flood Control is awful

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The fanatic bandits are almost exclusively equipped with either bad melee weapons or knives. The melee is fine, but it's particularly annoying when 3 or more bandits spawn in with knives, because they will throw them at you at supersonic speeds from offscreen and your tac-bar will vaporise instantly. They do almost no damage, but it's still annoying to have enemies tear off your tac-bar and not be able to do anything about it. I may have missed something obvious about the Graveseeker fanatic bandits because I'm an idiot, in which case please tell me, but otherwise they block 90% of your melee attacks and have to be attacked when they're recovering from their attacks. You can easily hit them with ranged weapons, but because almost no enemies have them it means you have to chuck knives at them which deal almost no damage. This is mitigated somewhat by the weapon boxes around the level. Also, squadmate AI is completely busted on this level, 90% of the time my squadmate would just sit there and do nothing if not ordered, and the only order he would follow was "move" (as long as the target was less than a metre away from him). He might obey an attack order too if he felt like it, but sometimes he ignored me. On top of all this, I had to restart the level because of gamebreaking bugs 2 times, while in the entire rest of the game I only had to do this thrice.

These issues are intensified in the room with the water that gets lower and lower before the boss fight. You only get one pistol at the end, a deagle with one mag in the boss arena, and maybe a Zed will drop a gun. This means you have to fight around 20 Zeds, two thicc fanatics, the two bosses, and all the normie fanatic bandits with around 180 bullets. The bosses are very strong, with one being able to stunlock you from 3 corpus to zero in like 15 seconds, yoink you towards him and stun you with his trident, and shoot homing missiles, and the other one slowing you and preventing regen to make it easier for the other one to kill you. The arena is also so small that it's almost impossible to use the single healing cabinet without getting killed before you finish. However, they can be permanently stunned by dizzying them and then leaving them alone while you deal with the other boss. This made the only real strategy (for me at least) to dizzy one boss, and then burst down the other, before dealing with the first. The way I finally beat the room on my 6th attempt was by giving my smg and another smg I found on a Zed to Deimos, and telling him to stay still while I soloed the room as Sanford with just my hook. I then switched to Deimos in the boss area, quickly dizzyed the one with the gun, and then unloaded all four guns into Lightning McQueen. I then chucked a nade at the other boss to yeet him into the ether while I healed and got new weapons from the mercs, and then ganked him in a corner with Sanford. This was not fun at all, and I think if there was no checkpoint before the boss like in every other level in the game I think I would have given up on the story mode completely.

I think these issues could be fixed pretty easily. I thought the level design itself was good, the main problem was the enemies. I think it would be better if the sewer people had a few guns, and heftier throwing weapons instead of just knives, and if the     T H I C C C C C C    bandits weren't so good at blocking. The boss arena could also be made bigger so the player has more space to dodge and recover, and there's the issue of AI bugs that needs to be sorted.

Again, if I've missed anything painstakingly obvious because I'm an idiot (I probably have), please tell me. I don't want to blame a superb game for my own idiocy.

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