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story mode [1.12D] Minor Climb Elevator Prog Stop Bug

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...Upon realizing the vent can be re-entered by Hank, the circumstances of this prog stop suddenly become a lot more specific and "If you had this happen you probably did it on purpose" but I'm gonna point it out anyway.

On the first elevator sequence where Hank and Sanford split up, if you murderate everyone then have Sanford exit through the door you entered through, Hank and Sanford will both be present on the first floor when they re-enter. If you have Sanford enter the elevator and then have Hank exit through the door then re-enter, Sanford and Hank will be present on the first floor, except the elevator will have already gone up.

Hank can enter the vent to the second floor, but Sanford can't, as the elevator requires both members to be present and doesn't feature auto-teleporting, Hank won't be able to proceed up the elevator without Sanford, who's stuck on the first floor.




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