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story mode [1.12D] Chasms Train Chase Bug

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If one companion is dead when you transition into the train chase scene (Or more likely if they die during the animation), then the appropriate cutscene won't play and by extension, the timer won't either. The actual gameplay sequence still played out as normal, albeit skipping the first dodging obstacle, though I didn't care to find out if the timer was just invisible now or not.

Also the endless debris that's meant to fall during the "Find C4 in one of a billion containers" section isn't currently falling, not sure if this is a bug or a change, but if it's a change then it kinda renders the exercise of opening a billion containers pointless. Actually just seemingly all the "random" falling rubble is broken.

And the door to Crackpot's room goes through the top of the entrance when opened.

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I'm guessing it's when he dies during the animation, because I experienced a different bug with my companion being dead, where it would respawn them on the train and their portrait would be bright green from the green healing effect when they talked.

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