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bug [v1.12D] Hits Stop Registering

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This occurred to me a couple of times during Climb! and I thought it had be patched out, but it seems that isn't entirely the case.

This now happened to me during Seeking Asylum, all attacks will stop registering, both player side and enemy side except for thrown weapons. It came up first during the final friendship test and I was actually saved from it by an Asylum Patient's kick to the face!

The second time occurred right at the start of facing the boss, on one hand, now he couldn't hit me at all, but on the other hand, I had to spend several minutes throwing swords at his sporadic rear end.

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Posted (edited)

Yeah it also happened to me in 4 different levels, one of them is The Scenic Route. I thought it  was a bug in my computer.

Thanks for reporting it!




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