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bug [1.12.D] Arena Origins: Origins Lack Any In-Game Effect

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  • Severity:  Game-Breaking. This feature is clearly listed, the player cannot fix it, and it affects every player who plays Arena Combat and picks an origin.
  • What Happened: I was playing Arena mode, and I noticed that my mission rewards were unchanged even though I picked the Mercenary origin (they get a +10% bonus to mission rewards at the expense of -20% to squadmates starting level). Thinking that the modifiers may have only been broken for the Mercenary origin, I started a new career with the NEXUS Scientist origin (25% faster hacking and search speed). I ran the mission Abandoned outpost in my Mercenary Arena career and recorded the search and hacking times. I then exited to the main menu, selected the NEXUS Scientist career, ran the mission Abandoned outpost, and recorded the search and hacking times.  The times are admittedly a bit rough around the edges, but I got a fairly consistent 3-second hacking and search time in both careers. 
  • Expected Result: We expect the origins to have some sort of in-game effect because the game represents to us that picking a given origin will apply some sort of modifier to the arena career which will tweak gameplay. In the case of the Mercenary origin, additional funds at the expense of inexperienced teammates, and in the case of the NEXUS Scientist, faster interactions at the expense of getting the shit punched out of you like the massive nerd you are. If Arena Mode origins are not expected to function yet, then this should be communicated to the player in-game.
  • Steps To Replicate Bug: Pick Arena Combat --> New Career --> enter a name --> select any origin -->  create character. Play any mission, and notice that your origin didn't do anything.
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