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Captain Ticklesticks

bug [1.12.D] Arena Mission Select: Mission Prizes and Challenge Rating Do Not Update

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  • This is a normal-priority bug, as all the player needs to do to fix this issue is to click the difficulty button again, and the proper challenge rating and mission prizes will display. Nevertheless, if the player is unaware of this bug, it can put him or her into confusing, unfair, or frustrating situations as they may be oversold on a mission's rewards or underestimate a mission's difficulty.
  • I was playing arena mode and selected the mission "Training Room" on "Normal" difficulty; the "This stage will be . . ." line indicated that it would be "a breeze." I switched over to "Abandoned Outpost;" the difficulty remained on "Normal." Seeing that the "This stage will be . . ." line still indicated that the selected stage would be "a breeze" I entered into the stage. I loaded into the "Abandoned Outpost" on "Normal" difficulty What I thought would be an easy stage ended up wiping the floor with me. After reviving, I returned to the mission select area and noticed the mission reward increased substantially and the "This stage will be . . ." line was now listed as "challenging."
  • Typically, the difficulty rating is an approximate representation of how challenging the stage will be to the player given various factors (I am too lazy and uninformed to know what those exactly are). If a stage will be significantly more challenging to the player, we expect the displayed difficulty rating to change to represent the aforementioned challenge. Furthermore, if a mission's prizes change from one stage to the next then we expect the onscreen mission details to change to reflect that.
  • The problem can be observed across all missions. All you have to do to replicate the issue is go to the mission select screen, select a difficulty, and switch to a different mission. As long as the newly selected mission has that difficulty unlocked, the displayed challenge rating and mission prizes will be unchanged (mission names, tiers, briefings, and objectives will display as intended, however).
  • 20190502180544_1.thumb.jpg.814d41f40432ffb66c85aaf110535441.jpg
  • 20190502180548_1.thumb.jpg.bd28b61024fa80593cb58aeb2326b6c7.jpg
  • 20190502180550_1.thumb.jpg.2b25f3a26f068f95cf72a879bbaa1482.jpg
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Yeah this bug has been around for as long as I've had the game, it'll probably get fixed when the team starts work on tweaking Arena mode.

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