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6-2a 6-2b Thoughts

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So I just completed the two new stages that were just added, took down some big boys, called for some service, murdered a bunch of fools.

There's a lot of cool things to these stages, but also a lot of frustrating things I found with these. First off. I found the whole "Two stages that are chronologically going simultaneously" to be a real cool idea, getting to later experience what the other team was dealing with when they sent the transmissions they did. Having Sanford and Hank fighting on two different floors was cool and the enemy forces in those segments weren't too threatening as to overwhelm the AI partner as I controlled the other character for a few seconds. The random top-down segment was neat, if short lived. The Hive boss arena was very intense looking, what with the helicopter spotlights shining through the windows and such!

But now I've got a number of problems with these stages, setting aside bugs like enemies becoming impossible to hit with anything other than thrown weapons (maybe these ninja powers were deliberate to make Sanford's hook shine with the blood of his enemies!), A Mag agent falling off the map on one occasion and not respawning or being killed resulting in a soft lock, or my loading a previous save resulting in it overriding my last used save instead of itself resulting in my story-beaten save being overwritten.

- What was the point of that Robutler command sequence? Deimos shows off his hacking skills and you play a quick mini-game where you learn about squad commands... At the penultimate stage of the story. It was neat yeah, I liked it, but it's never utilized again and overall just seems like a "I wanna do this so let's throw it in" kind of deal. I can't fault thinking like that though, If you guys come up with random ideas you wanna try, I sure as heck would want to try them.

- The Gestalt chase scene is really slow paced, most of it is just waiting for the screen to scroll. I suspect this much was done so that the AI could keep up with you, but he doesn't. At all. Your AI partner will prioritize attacking other enemies over any commands you give him regardless of how many times you command him to move, this results in your partner often running directly into Gestalt as he tries to attack enemies that are being left behind.

- The Hive fight is remarkably unfair and almost certainly luck based. Those missiles that partially track you are seemingly designed with another game's movement mechanics in mind. The targeting circles move at a speed faster than you can move (Even sprinting or dodging), when they reach their final destination there's only a split second before the explosive lands. If you happen to be in radius of the missile (Which you commonly are because they partially track you), there is zero way to avoid it. You can't dodge out of the way, you're just forced to take the hit and if multiple missiles hit you at once then you can say goodbye to a Corpus as well. You literally did this very thing correctly in the counterpart stage, when Hank and Sanford get routinely fired upon by dissonance missiles during the survival portion, the tracking circles can't keep up with you if you keep moving and there's a delay between when the circle stops moving and when the explosive lands. These things are designed to keep you moving, which can get you into danger, as far as I know that's the point of mechanics like these, not to just be a luck of the draw whether you lose some health or not. Added note: I noticed in a video showing this stage in 1.12a that the tracking missiles were moving at a far more reasonable speed than they now do in 1.12b. An intentional change or..?

When you destroy the Hive's Corpus, he fires a pair of missiles directly in front of him, due to the delay with melee and the inability to transition directly into a snap dodge, there's also basically no way to avoid taking damage if you were meleeing his weak spot. So how about shooting him? Well the hitbox for ranged weapons is absolute blind luck, sometimes bullets will hit his weak point, most of the time they just don't.

- These are just a couple of minor inconsistencies, but they bug me a lot. I got stuck in the room where Hank first needs to go into the vent to access the other floor for a bit, now it's my fault I got stuck for so long, I missed the initial interaction prompt because it wasn't available while the two were talking, however... All you need to do to open the vent is to interact with it. At the start of the game you have Hank be required to use a wrench to break open a vent, not only that, but you brought back that mechanic later in the game. You leave the two in a room with nothing, but the vent and an axe, but the answer isn't to smack the vent with the tool placed in the room. Now again, it's just my ineptitude that I didn't notice the interaction prompt for so long, but that really bugged me.

The other thing is when Hank and Sanford were required to go into the elevator to proceed upward after their vent shenanigans, I thought the stage got stuck because I couldn't do anything and going into the elevator did nothing, but it turns out both characters needed to be in the elevator, what annoys me about this is that literally earlier in the stage you used an elevator that simply teleported your partner into it automatically, why is it that with this elevator that you suddenly need to move your partner manually?

- There needs to be a short period of invulnerability from being hit by execution attacks, I got cornered by pair of Mags, one grabbed me and did his intense slam to the ground and execution shot and then the moment I got up the other Mag did the exact same thing immediately. It's not particularly fun when you're thrown into situations you literally cannot do anything about.

Now this was just my experience, maybe I've done something completely wrong for the Hive fight, but it seemed like I could only get past it when RNG let me avoid the missiles. Maybe there's lore that justifies why the button the first elevator teleports your partner. This was just what I experienced and how I felt about it.

Also is the laser pistol really only meant to deal 2 damage per shot? I didn't realize laser pointers were only just now invented in this universe. I assume it is since the only guys eager to use them were wimpy science nerds.


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