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Bat Day

I liked harder to time snap-dodges.

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I know this is really late, but I just really enjoyed the harder to time snap-dodges, since they were usually more useful than Iframe ones. The game's really late into development by now, and the new system makes them both easy to pull off and combined more often, but it would be cool to have an option that toggles the old usage back on. Plus, the freedom to flip around anywhere was cool. One can dream. I also liked pick up weapon with a free hand only, purely for the difficulty, as silly, backwards and less free as that sounds, but I don't think anyone else would.

This is still one of the top best games I've ever seen / played.

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I like input that takes note of the difficulty, but a concern we had surrounding the snap dodge difficulty felt artifical (AAA BAD WORD), in the new update you can't snap dodge out of grapples/executions, and it doesn't stop you from getting shot, either (a full dodge, even low teir, can still negate being shot if timed correctly) the idea being that you physically remove yourself from the path of the bullet with a snap dodge rather than negate the shot entirely, so it's on the player to snap dodge correctly.

I'll be watching what people say when the next update hits, a lot of stuff is added.

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Edit: See the bottom paragraph of this post for my most deep and rational analysis of this move and its relation to the game.

I swear, the game could be twice as hard and heart pumping, like it was before, if it has an option to be a timed thing again. The game advertised a lot of difficulty it's suddenly missing now, and instead of cheesing toward an enemy armed with a gun while you don't have one, you'd have to do some creative skilled move like aim and throw your weapon at him or run around his shots, or just snap again but this time it's a skilled move, etcetera. It was fun difficulty done right, and could fix everything that's suddenly lacking (because of how easily you can now move around it). Just make it a toggle-able option if some people like things extra easy. I have a feeling that a lot of people really liked it that hard though, and might even be disappointed when they come back with it not.

The full dodges, I don't even think about because they have a risky cooldown that brings you out of combat (and leaves you totally vulnerable for a split-second when you land), and you want enemies dead fast before they have more chances to kill you. It only seems to serve specific purposes and last-ditch efforts, and I wouldn't mind if it was just as hard or even harder to activate.

When you start playing while rarely doing any snap or full dodges (full ones don't seem that useful for most situations to me anyway), your adrenaline might really start pumping (and some players might start shaking) as suddenly everything on-screen and everything you do matters. The things simply have to die as fast as possible before they can surround you, and you'll just have fun doing it in creative or situation - appropriate ways (depending on the current encounter's difficulty). You simply don't have any more excuses to let them get the drop on you because getting out of that situation isn't easy anymore. Players will have way more fun with the small creative victories on easier enemy encounters they find in-between all that clutter too, because they'll feel they've earned it.

A snap just has to go where an enemy's not / not aiming, and it gets far in that direction pretty quick, so it on its own is plenty easy.

High difficulty's a great immersion bringer too. The areas I progressed to before the game was made easier felt way more earned to me, and impactful. I would just toggle 'hard dodge' back on in the future to get that feeling again, or just make it a self imposed challenge that other people won't understand. I'll try to stop short of giving myself a heart attack.

And I keep editing my posts, but now that I think about it, I think the, or one of the most important points, is that it definitely seems to be overshadowing the rest of the gameplay by simply being easier to do than it. Players could suck the fun out of all the other options and the rest of the game by simply snapping everywhere instead of considering the many other choices that could work per situation, and there were many more before it became the easy go-to. There's far less need for unarmed combat, or timed special moves, or frantically looking for a new weapon to pick up, and swords gain nearly the same use as guns, as you can just ninja dash to enemies like you're invincible.
Examples of moments easy Snap-Dodge will replace due to it being the easier, even effortless alternative:
-Throwing your melee weapon (and only weapon) is the easiest to use move because you're surrounded and aren't sure what's coming, so you're unarmed.
-You're unarmed because you threw your weapon, so the easiest choices are either to disarm the nearest melee armed enemy (they will get a hit in before you can land enough punches) or fight a gun armed one while unarmed to get their weapon (you're too close for the game to let them hit you effectively).
-Finding the nearest dropped weapon better than your own if there are any because sprinting around all those melee swings or shots to get an opportune attack with your current one is more difficult.
-Dodging backwards from an enemy with sprinting / basic movement to give you more time to think about how you'll attack, or around them to get to the opening they created while attacking, or to get behind their back, or weaving around a crowd to get wherever you want.
-Anything too hard to handle.
Because it was already useful when it was much harder to do, and because it's a movement / locomotion option in a video game, it will make the game much easier by reminding you that you can escape most of the difficult situations with a tedious move that was more impressive to pull off before. You can rely on reacting with it to give you more time to think by giving you more layers of defense, and even use it for easy attacks and counter-attacks, thus making things far less tense and exciting. This is why the harder to time version either needs to be on harder difficulty modes, or a suggested difficulty option that really spices the game up. Eventually, you might remember enemy spawns well enough to even forget how difficult a level in the game was or how much of a difference this move made the first time it was played with it, but you'll notice a difference the more or less you perform it. Even blocking gets a little more useful.
-Another edit: More than two options or a slider for snap-dodge timing might be useful (as funny as it sounds), but editing the difficulty in other ways might work as well (if it's not a mess). It takes over the positioning and distance advantages that most other features / attacks rely on, so changing other things to compensate could involve tweaking anything about the enemies / game, such as damage inflicted by enemies, enemey turning / movement speed, the timing required of other moves performed by the player, giving / revoking the act of throwing a weapon aim assist, etcetera, giving the snap limited charges?? (the last one sounds really weird)

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