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Jesus fucking christ... and i need write this thing again.




"Forsaken by gods, we stand even against them, with smile on our face, we'll die for our homes."


"The Cursed" (Oficially PNF, Polish National Forces) is a Polish para-military group. Their main task is eliminating any danger, that threatens their country. They moved to Nevada, because of the insanity, that spread to other countries from that place. They want to stop this madness at all costs.


Cursed were created during WW2. They wanted to liberate their country from Nazi and Soviet occupation. After the end of WW2, when Soviets took control over their country, the polish still fought against them. In 1946, one of survivor from Lipsk defence, fled to a cave, where he found a "Book of veles". This book is the source of the Cursed power and their technological advancement. But it also, obviously, brought a curse on all of them. Their souls were trapped by Veles (an ancient deity) in Nawie (it's realm). Thanks to this Cursed are able to travel from Nawie to Earth and have access to mystical creatures residing in it.


All Cursed members are undead, they all have pale-white skin, blue blood and crystallized hearts (and some other organs). Due to their undead nature, they can't die of age and disease. But they are still mortal and can be killed.


Private class - The lowest rank in the Cursed army. Private units aren't skilled and they have access only to the basic Cursed inventory. They are mostly limited to training camps and outposts. They are only used to protect areas of low strategic value.



Corporal Class - The basic rank in the Cursed army. Corporal units are used commonly and in basic missions.



Support Class - Support units are very valuable in the Cursed army's missions. They are highly skilled in assassination and infiltration.




Sergeant Class - Sergeant units are highly skilled combatants. They are well equipped and well trained. They are deployed in areas of high strategic value and are sent to every mission.


Officer Class - They occupy an important role in the Cursed army. They conduct training of new soldiers, and maintain the army's moral.


Mystics (Oficially Central occultist syndicate)- Thanks to the curse, they possess a mystical powers and they use then against the enemies of the Cursed army. There are 3 types of mystics: Psionics (Who are able to use telekinestics powers), Shadow Dancers (Who are able to manipulate a "Shadows"), Ghosts (Beings with paranormal qualities and abilities).


Jarovit's followers (Freaks) - An example of the curse's more negative effects. They become berserkers during the ritual of crystallization. Their minds minds unable to persevere through such a ritual. They become insane killing machines. They despise cowardice, the word "mercy" is forgotten to them. They show hostility even to other cursed soldiers.


The Inquisition (Oficially Central Bureau of internal security) - The elite units of the Cursed army. They are used in the most dangers and highly important missions. They are also tasked with protecting the army's Head Quarters and eliminating those who are found guilty of treason or show sighs of rebellious behaviour.


M.P.B (Marshall Personal Bodyguards) - The most skilled, loyal and deadliest units in cursed's army. Their role is protecting Marshal's life.



Grim Society - The ones who lead the Cursed army. They were the first ones to be cursed by Veles. Among themselves they choose a single man, who is declared the Leader of the whole Cursed army.


Very Important People


Joseph Zamoyski - Head strategic advisor of the Cursed army and it's leader's right hand. His strategies and combat tactics are yet to fail even once. He even showed the ability to control the most aggressive and wild freaks in the Cursed army.


Gerwazy Żółkiewski - A sad example of what can come of the Cursed army's scientific endeavors. He is the leader's hunter. He volunteered for the project "Zmora". Something went wrong. Genetic mutation did not go the way it was supposed to... Now he is a monster lusting for blood... But is still loyal to Leader and loyal to Cursed.


Marshal (0rockluki0) -Currect Leader of entire organization. He controls every aspect of this army. Nothing is to happen without his oversight and permission.


Cursed's Projects


Skuła- A creature with slavic origins that is used by the Cursed army. This creature is a predator parasite, that takes control over the host and mutates the body for it's needs. The parasite uses it's abilities to hunt and spread. Skułas only seek living organisms as their hosts, so thanks to our undead nature, the parasite can't infect us. But we are unable to control the parasites, so after a chosen area is fully infected, the Cursed need to purge it or quarantine it. Experimentation with establishing control over Skuła specimen is still ongoing.



Morana beasts- This is the fate of all deserters captured alive and of every spy, who is sent to infiltrate our bases. Morana beasts are a brainwashed, turned into soldiers lacking any will of their own. They are control with special devices, located in their spine. Damaging or removing the device will result in self-detonation, killing the solder on the spot.


Project White Sun - Nawie. In this realm we, cursed, have a real power. Thanks to the Heart of Veles - the core of this realm. Just one problem. On Earth, we have only a fraction of our potential. Project White Sun is our solution to this. It's a massive tower covered with slavic Runes which power it. On top of this tower there is a fragment of the Heart, connected to complex machinery engineered by the Cursed army. As of now, this project is still in progress.


Project Wunderwaffe - Human brain is a very interesting thing. It's the most advanced biological system, that has a lot of potential hidden within. And yet, it's so easy to change it, manipulate it. Now image, that you can do with a brain whatever you want... Turn someone into a freak... Or "turn off" the brain... Project Wunderwaffe is a prototype weapon that can manipulate a human brain. The wunderwaffe creates a magnetic field, that affects the human brain. At this time there is only one prototype of this weapon. For now we, the Cursed, are only testing this weapon. We believe, that this weapon will be used in near wars.


Ogre's specimen project: Mag agent's are very tough and very interesting enemy. We can't "re-create" them however, but we still are able to use a remains of them and create a "New creatures". Ogre's are a ghoulish, undead creatures, that size are simullar to mag's size.



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