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bug [1.11.c] Arena Squadmate AI issues

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I have a few bugs to report, some of which were present in previous updates and all are related to squadmates in arena mode.

Theres a bug that occurs when a squadmate is told to attack an enemy while holding the middle mouse button (to persist the command to attack enemies). When told to attack the enemy they will do so, but will not move away from the body until it either despawns or the wave ends. They will, however, continue to attack any enemies that come within range of the body. I would like to add that it looks like they are still trying to kill the body, as when they are able to start sprinting while hovering over the body, they will perform a jump kick takedown toward it. In the most recent update I have also noticed that after the body they have been trying to attack despawns, they will move in a random direction until hitting a wall, showing the "pickup weapon" command action next to their name.

I have noticed that when squadmates have to follow me up certain inclines, they cannot follow until I stop moving, this happens in the large double ramps in the apartments level and on the ramp farthest from the camera in the zed rooftops level. I have not created a new savegame for the most recent update if that provides any more useful info. Let me know if you need any game files from me to track down these issues. I wish you the best of luck in fixing these issues!

(Hope this format is alright, my first bug report lol)

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