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How to make your own madness project nexus 1 mod

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step 1: you to install  notepad++ in your Desktop you need to install Madness project nexus 1 http://www.mediafire.com/file/odnnkgdbxus006b/Madness+Project+Nexus+8.1.rar

you need to install Flasm in File you well get flasm for mod PN1 http://flasm.sourceforge.net and you need flashplayer after you install all on your desktop you need to make a new New folder you can call any name you like on your PN1 mod and you need to rename the name of PN1.swf for any name you like and pout all this on your folder you make

step 2: now you need to open CMD in cmd you need to type cd C/Users/your PC NAME/Desktop/Mod files/flasm16win this you need copy form your Folder you make you Klick Enter you type flasm -d your mod name.swf > to mod.txt you after you done swf to txt you will see Text Document say your mod.txt  open Text Document you will see a lot of stuff in your mod.txt

step 3: start make mod so you need to install my PN1 txt i make for all https://www.dropbox.com/s/y75v5mtxyfmkm61/madness project nexus.txt?dl=0

it's help you to make PN1 mod storyProgressWorld0 this is for open all PN1 StoryMod when you start new game in story mod it's well start on Ep1.5  you can change any characters in story and arena.

step 4: how to change in arena characters so you need to find push r:this, 'myName', 'player' this will Find your madness Project nexus 1 arena play you can play any characters you like.

step 5: after you done make your PN1 mod save and go to cmd type flasm -a mod.txt is going to say all change in PN1 and start pn1 and have fun with your own PN1 mod and before upload your pn1 mod make sure Nothing Broken and delete links in your pn1 mod that make your mod be faster when you do sfw to exe.

https://www.newgrounds.com/flash/player  you can use  Newgrounds Player to play your own PN1 mods

 if you have a Questions for PN1 mod Tutorials you can add me on my Discord account $Rie$#5689  and i well help you .


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