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Infamy Mode (hardcore, difficult, stylish gameplay mod + easy mode)

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Aspiring / budding game dev here.

This is mostly a hard-as-nails (there's a really easy mode too), stylish gameplay mod that I made by editing the script and adding features over the years. This update has some minor changes from the very last (easier easy mode, harder hard mode), which I just kept linking on my Newgrounds news posts.

(slight spoilers ahead)

Download: https://gamejolt.com/games/madnessnexusmodinfamy/385430

More chaos, and more replayability.
More moves and timed counters.
More things to dodge, and more reasons and ways to dodge them!

Everyone moves faster and headshots matter a bit more (they heal

I wanted to balance the usage of more moves (unarmed, melee
and dodges), randomize enemy abilities, weapons and encounters
(some will throw weapons or grapple you, and a Soldat or
something scarier can spawn where they aren't supposed to be)
and spice things up as much as I can. All mid-level soldiers
and characters can occasionally perform low to high level
dodges, melee and unarmed attacks (some iframes for some melee).
Enemies can aim from afar and even from off-screen (starting at
level 3 in story mode), making you weigh whether to dodge or
shoot first (it's slightly random, but fine tuned to your
reaction time with the rest of game flow, as well as
selected difficulty).

You can disarm guns with timed unarmed attacks, and swords with
timed blocks (the latter is really useful, as subsequent counter-attacks
will heal you and pass through enemy blocking and tac-bars).
You now have sweet-spots, and usually need to hit tac-bar enemies
past your reticle / max accurate range (stay away from mid-
range enemy shots for this reason) for the fastest kill.

Yeah, I took a few mechanics from PN2, put a spin on some,
and made a couple of my own. Sweet-spots and unarmed attacks
that can pass through tac-bars (50/50) are in. I tried making grazes,
but your health-bar just chips away per tac-dodge until
it reaches your last chunk (so heal it back). Nobody keeps
track of their mag's load - your ammo bar can dip
randomly to encourage attentiveness, conservation,
and more close-quarters fights. Your melee and
unarmed are more affected by strength
(random per hit).

Easy is normal, normal is hard, and hard is extra hard.
Easier modes just give you more chances and are sometimes
just as hard as harder modes.

Everything has RNG involved (chance). Pay close
attention to everything in a fight and find worst scenario
tactics and strategies. You'll find yourself paying attention
to the little things, and your heartrate maybe going up as your reflexes
adapt to all of them. The skill ceiling's intended to be set really high.

Arena mode is now kind of 'endless'. You'll eventually reset
levels and some stats, but keep gaining skill points
so you can keep playing with them, and that's it.
It just keeps you from being too OP.
Story mode now has a few branching paths and options
(spoils a bit more than the original game).
Doors and sometimes entire map layouts are randomized
(keeps you guessing which paths to take).

Balancing hard-hitting guns with melee combat is
one of the toughest things to do.

P.S. Entering a door at the same time Sanford throws his hook crashes the game,
so wait for the animation to finish first. Also, don't hesitate to play it on Easy.

Have fun!

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On 12/24/2018 at 2:25 PM, MydoomfesT said:

Yeah this hard af, I didn't expect grunts would throw their weapons. And it was on easy!!!

Just gotta learn enough of it to beat the dice-rolls.
Easy doesn't add ammo or take anything away from the expereince,
you just replenish 4x more health than Normal and 8x more than
Hard, but it's still random when you do.
I guess I also tried setting things up like a spectacle fighter,
and I don't know if anyone besides me has adapted to all the
mechanics. Running out of ammo can even slow enemy aim.
Just like PN2, harder modes usually means rushing the map faster
by using more skill.

I also forgot to mention that if you enter a door at the same time Sanford throws his hook,
the game crashes, so you have to wait for his animation to finish first. Might be frustrating
to have to remember if you're rushing through the map unfortunately
(I don't know how to fix).

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I just added a probably overdue even easier version (or less impossible) to that same Game Jolt link if anyone's still interested. I wonder if that makes it better or worse. File's the same name, so it's easy to keep old saved data by dragging it in the same folder as the last one and replacing it.

On 3/16/2019 at 1:09 PM, DatOneBoi said:

i sometimes wonder how did you modify the AI for the enemies to throw weapons


There's some variables and checks for different throwing distances and chances that I put around the weapons stats list (at the top or bottom of the list), and around a check for Sanford's hook. I reduced one of those, and enemy aim for the other file I just put in. Maybe it's playable for more people now. 6 difficulty modes in total, just hope the lower 3 aren't too easy.

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On 5/24/2019 at 5:17 PM, MydoomfesT said:

Are you planning to add anything else?

Maybe there's a small chance if I get more confident at actually writing story and making art assets for it. I also still don't know how coding the physical bounding boxes for rooms works.

I've always wanted to make fan content for the Madness universe though.

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On 7/21/2019 at 3:02 AM, Mewten~♡ said:

The mod has a glitch where if i try to move diagonal or press and two movement keys at the same time ( Up and down or Up and Right) It will force my character to keep going in that direction when i let go

Pretty sure that happens when you right click while holding a key. Never had it happen when holding two keys at the same time. Could also be lag.

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