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bug Diemos lives! [1.10B]

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After another attempt at grenade hopping up to some out of the way weapons and failing it I stumbled upon a rather intriguing bug. My thought process was to play the Chasm level on easy and then press K to ragdoll as I threw the grenade hoping that I might be able to control the ragdoll body in the air and angle it to the platform. Since seeing as how simply standing over the grenade or running into it were not breaking ground. The result was another failure and after the final grenade went off and stripped Deimos' last corpus block away I simply decided to quit the level and turn the game off. However, I was greeted with the sight of Deimos' empty Corpus bar after exiting the level but he was still standing when he should be dead technically. Looks like this might be a Diemos sighting.  Addendum: I tried to see if Deimos still moves or is even able to be swapped to with his Corpus empty. The game does not allow this thinking he is still dead and now he is just standing in front of the Chasms level completely immobile not even able to be controlled either. The enemies also ignore him going straight for Sanford. 

Diemos confirmed for PN2.png

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Added that the game keeps Deimos in limbo between the physical and spiritual planes.

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