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bug Crackpot fight softlock B_1.10

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Somehow I was able to fight in such a haphazard and chaotic way that I entirely broke the end of Dr. Crackpot's fight. The first thing to happen was that Sanford died rather quickly but his body disappeared to where I have no idea. The second was that during the fight I throw a grenade and he walked over it just as it went off causing him to fly to the platform where his podium was. He ran in place and used magic and in response I used my last two grenades. He dodged the first via teleport but he was stuck in place and as he came back the second nade went off and dealt damage causing him to fall back and teleport. Which made him disappear from the game while his grunts still spawned. This was fixed by pausing then unpausing the fight causing him to be following me right alongside his men but Sanford was still not back. Third and final thing to happen was that I was able to dodge every bit of magic he threw my way and I was dealing him quite a bit of damage with one corpus remaining as Deimos. Throwing things, killing his men to regain TAC hitting him a few times then repeat. I ended up winning the fight with a lucky one shot from a sickle that I threw randomly hoping it would stick. My victory ended up being short lived as now the game is just stuck in an empty room after I killed the remaining enemies. 


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