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Steel and Dynamite [RP]

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He gives a smirk as he levels both pistols for an optimal angle on the targets. "Looks like it is time to introduce these freaks to some good old fashion police brutality." Squeezing each trigger twice four bullets fly two apiece hopefully finding their mark in the bodies. 
Note: (Once again I am sorry for keeping you waiting for so long. But I have finally graduated from college and am determined to finish this with you.)

Rolls for the four bullets: 90, 61, 72, 91. Rolls taken from Roll20.net

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(Dodge Rolls: 33, 3, 28, 15.)

One of the Ashen Blades falls down, convulsing before finally dying. One of them raises his axe, and swings at Matt (76>26), who falls down clutching his side. Sei and Eleanor concentrate fire (58>29), killing the second one. Looks like none are coming now. Might want to patch Matt up, though.

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"Damn Bishop took a beating! No worries buddy I'll patch you up." The Detective moves over to his comrade in order to tend to his injuries. "What in the hell where those fucking monsters?" He hopes that Vector and Knight can fill him in on the details of whatever fever dream demons just assaulted them out of nowhere. "I thought we were dealing with crazy cultists. Nobody said anything about monster pets or the like!" 

Heal Roll: image.png.880dd8e05b41f8c570cbcac973235212.png50 from Roll20.net

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