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quite hard to pick

not a complete list, by all means


Here goes:

  1. Madness Combat (canon)
  2. Past Madness
  3. Madness Psychosis
  4. The Cake Quest
  5. Ragtime with a Vengeance
  6. Break Through the Madness
  7. Xionic Madness
  8. Kilroy Madness
  9. Madness Gladius
  10. Madness Tribulation (all three of them)
  11. Redness series
  12. DAD series
  13. Paradigmadness
  14. Madness mini (all of them)
  15. Hunt of the shoopacabra
  16. Madness 3D
  17. DjTrickyM's Animations
  18. Rebooting the Madness
  19. Paper Mario Madness
  20. The Magician
  21. Madness Hydraulic (whoops, not a movie, cutscenes then)
  22. Madness Ascend (whoops, not a movie, cutscenes then)
  23. Day/Dusk/Dawn of the madness
  24. Madness Accelerant (whoops, not a movie, cutscenes then)
  25. Madness Accumulation
  26. A Tricky Animation
  27. Long - Madness Visit
  28. Mad-n
  29. Madness regent


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"Everything Must Go Madness" and "Madness Ascend"

I mean, sure their animation qualities aren't that crazy good, but it's the soul behind the animations that really got me.

Also @aolko I'll edit that list for you for any spelling errors.

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Well. Seem like i missed that topic.

Well, favorite fandom animations ?

Tribulation series, maximum ninja series, infection, realm, salvation, heist, hunt of the shoop, dusk of the madness, rebooting the madness...

and of course, "when they want you dead", with is my favorite one.

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My friend introduced MC to me in middle school; I think MC 8 had just been released. The telekinesis, the part where he assembles the sniper rifle, and the music... hot damn, that music was good. I was a Jebus fanboy ever since.

As for non-Krinkels animations, I had actually seen Bunny Kill before I even knew about MC, so that series is one helluva nostalgia trip for me.

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My favourite OG krank boi animation is MC6, there is just so much murdery ultraviolent goodness packed into a tiny space. The kills are really fluid and it is much faster paced than any of the other animations. Especially the part with the axe, just swing swing thump swish swing and body parts, corpses and blood go flying everywhere.

My favourite fanimation is definitely Xionic Madness, it is delicious fast paced action with blood and over the top superhero characters blasting hundreds of people to pieces broken apart by epic story sections. And it's really long without feeling like it's been artificially extended, every part is good.

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Kilroy Madness, With My Mind's Madness, Maximum Ninja, MC 4, 5, 6 and 7, Xionic Madness, School Madness 1 and 2, Incidents 010a and 1000, Dadness Combat, Hatman Retribution, The Madness Tribulations Trilogy, Rebooting the Madness 1 and 2, Hunt Da Shoop 1 and 2, The Redness series, Mini Madness episodes, Madness Battle Cries, The Madness Elimination Series, Happiness Apotheosis, Madness Sandwich, Madness 6.5, Can I Play With Madness?, Madness Psychosis, Madness Contisteration, The Cake Quest, Pacman Goes for Madness, Madness Showdown, Madness Agitation, Paradigmadness, Madness Christmas/Xmas, Fistful of Madness, Ravine Madness, MadSeth series, Madness Agony, Madness Capitation  I & II, Asylum Madness, Madness Preloaded, Madness Gun Sounds, Madness Combat Error 7, Madness Madnified, Madness City, Madness Lollyland RE, Madness Confabulation, Cliff Madness, Madness Bar Brawl, Madness Manufactory, Chase of the Frankenfurter, Leisurely Ragtime, Madness Extraragance, You Cannot Kill Hank, Madness: Pathway Through NG, Madness Deputation, Madness Defection, Le Madness, Outlaw Madness, Madness Heaven Remix 10, Madness White Hank Collabs. 


Jebus Christoff that is a shitton of animations I enjoy. 


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