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Difficulty finding C-4 and a possible solution

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In general, I find that I get stuck trying to find C-4 and other important collectables in levels. It's a little frustrating because there's not much hints on where the important object is. So I thought of a solution. Why not make the important items glow a little? It'll help stop them blending into the scenery, making it easier for less keen eyed players. You think this would work at all?

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On 9/1/2018 at 7:00 AM, SuspiciousHotDogVendor said:

Don't wanna sound mean but , what's the point of playing if there is no challenge only ''YO PICK THIS BRIGHT ITEM UP'' sort of mechanic , I think this should be 100% optional if such mechanic will be added to the game.

I think this is a pretty bad take for multiple reasons.

First off, players typically don't think nor want additional assistance until they realize it's too late.  We expect mechanics to be inherently intuitive and nonrestrictive to flow - Presenting this option is self defeating when it hinders players who'd have otherwise expected things to be easy to find, especially when you could just turn it on contextually.

Secondly, that's implying the mainstay of the game is finding random shit on the floor.  The game already presents a challenge by throwing more dudes at you in addition to the item you need, why make it worse by obscuring the objective further?

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I play games for a challenge not for runtrough for  casuls , as i said assistance should be optional like cheats devs mentioned , secondly most enemies in this game are basicly cannon fodder with no special abilities nor tac bars and even if  they do , good player does know how to combo weapons or who to pick off first so lil hide n seek with mission objects is ok for me .

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What I might do is have a dedicated “C4 Cabinet” for the dark room. I think the difficulty isnt just that you’re searching. It’s that it’s pitch black and you’re swarmed with abominations.

I’ll find a way to clean up that particular location. I still love the cave-in search section tho so I’ll probably leave that one the way it is.

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