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So, Ever since the last Alpha update, my menu screen in PN2 has been glitching out. There's no buttons on the menu screen and there's a loud distorted audio that plays whenever I appear on the menu. I also can't click or do anything but can only press the Enter key and just play Story mode, nothing else and nothing more. I've had help from Swain and Krinkel themselves but all the options they tried have failed and I was stuck like this forever. Again, this has been happening since the last Alpha update up to this day.





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I don't remember if Swain and Sean are the same but I changed Sean to Swain because I don't want to assume their name
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17 hours ago, Seancglover said:

Swain is Michael Swain.


is this your first time installing the game?

No, I had this game installed since last year if I remember. I've also re-install this game each time it had an update after the last Alpha update, still didn't seem to work though.

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