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Found 12 results

  1. Mateusz

    bug It does not go down

    Version 1.11.c,the elevator did not go down 20190217_204322.mp4
  2. rojok

    bug [1.11b] 2 bugs

    On "Chasms" after fighting dr crackpot and attempting to get on the train the one who gets on is teleported into the void and unable to move. In the screenshot I was playing as deimos. https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1606287072 In "The Last Leg" on the ghoul boss fight I am able to take one health unit down and he jumps away and never returns, the ai constantly attacks where it was when it jumped.
  3. Audanti'sshitposts

    bug Diemos lives! [1.10B]

    After another attempt at grenade hopping up to some out of the way weapons and failing it I stumbled upon a rather intriguing bug. My thought process was to play the Chasm level on easy and then press K to ragdoll as I threw the grenade hoping that I might be able to control the ragdoll body in the air and angle it to the platform. Since seeing as how simply standing over the grenade or running into it were not breaking ground. The result was another failure and after the final grenade went off and stripped Deimos' last corpus block away I simply decided to quit the level and turn the game off. However, I was greeted with the sight of Deimos' empty Corpus bar after exiting the level but he was still standing when he should be dead technically. Looks like this might be a Diemos sighting. Addendum: I tried to see if Deimos still moves or is even able to be swapped to with his Corpus empty. The game does not allow this thinking he is still dead and now he is just standing in front of the Chasms level completely immobile not even able to be controlled either. The enemies also ignore him going straight for Sanford.
  4. Version 1.10.a,I was not able to revive Sanford 20181102_205828.mp4
  5. Audanti'sshitposts

    story mode Inventory Swap Glitch V[1.10A]

    It has come to my attention that a strange graphical glitch occurs on the level Last Leg specifically on the Ghoul boss battle. What one needs to do is shoot Ghoul numerous times with a weapon swap characters and then hopefully the AI character is knocked down by the spider bot. Once that happens the last weapon that the character used should be in the middle of the floor unable to be picked up with the E key. Now the odd thing is the weapon is still technically in the player inventory but the graphic has glitched the gun into being an unusable gun on the battlefield. To counter this all one must do is press the tab key and the weapon shall jump back into their hand instantly. https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/197251029094498304/507784858253262848/unknown.png
  6. Audanti'sshitposts

    story mode Ghoul has left the building V_1.10A

    During the tiresome and nerve wracking fight with Ghoul a rather frustrating soft-lock may occur that forces the player to have to commit suicide and redo the fight again. This soft lock happens when Ghoul's Corpus has been reduced to one and he has taken out all other platforms aside from the final one. To achieve this soft-lock simply continue to dodge Ghoul's attacks until he turns and walks through the air outside of the wall of the elevator. He is now no longer in the map meaning you are forced to throw yourself down the elevator shaft to regain your lost honor as well as to redo the fight. An alternation of this is that if you let Ghoul kill both characters he will then turn and walk right through the wall like he would during the soft-lock. Ghoul has left the building people! https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/197251029094498304/507783158876340224/unknown.png TheSwain has confirmed that this bug is now patched so now he is trapped with us.
  7. Audanti'sshitposts

    story mode Front Train Platform Clip Beta_V109B

    Now this one glitch right here is no ordinary clip oh no in fact it was part of the reason the train section was so hard to overcome and thus put me in a state of fear every time I attempted it. For anyone that has played this far you will be aware that after Crackpot's defeat Gestalt crashes into his chamber forcing you and your partner to hop a train platform where you are then expected to survive two minutes and thirty seconds against both enemies and Gestalt himself. If that was not bad enough you will have constant red arrows point out wooden boards that you have to jump into at an angle to avoid taking damage as pressing K to ragdoll will leave you vulnerable to enemies as well as possibly cause you to flop right off the platform. Now the best way to avoid the boards at least the method I used involved not jumping to the side as the distance was too far and every time you fall off a platform there goes a Corpus block. Instead I jumped right under the boards aiming for the front of the train. Now this sounds very simple and straightforward well there is one problem clipping. Now you might be wondering how a clip could possibly be a hassle? An annoyance sure but nothing that can't be overcome with some simple solutions. Well you would be right but this is a unique clip you see I liken this to a sort of Chinese finger trap with a guillotine built in. The trap portion comes form the leap itself now there is a way to avoid this but the angle has to be precise and you have to ensure you don't jump through the boards or miss entirely and fall off the track. The real problem is more often than not you will miss this angle and the character you are using (I was using Sanford mainly) will have their head completely through the front of the train's plow and be unable to move for a few moments. Now there is a bit of a silver lining to this since completely immobile the enemies cannot reach you for a few seconds or more but you are trapped briefly. So this exploit is helpful right? Well remember that part about the guillotine I mentioned earlier? This is where that comes into play as after a few seconds your character will start to become a blood fountain and thrash around violently instantly taking a chunk of Corpus off. This thrashing in turn is so violent that like the pressure in a bottle rocket heated with a match will cause the player character to rocket off to the far back end of the platforms completely missing the platforms entirely. Not only are you now a member of the Nevada Flight Corps you have lost yet another Corpus block because by the time you hit the ground the invincibility frames from the damage inflicted by the clipping have worn off. This can entirely turn the Train tracks into a battle of attrition as it depends how much Corpus you have going in. Whether or not your partner AI is being a tard and just walking right off the platform (Fuck you Deimos this is why you died in MC9!) And of course if you can avoid getting knocked out by the enemies, Gestalt destroying a section of the platform or the hazard boards smacking you in the face. Footnote: I always attempted this from the first platform the one that both Sanford and Deimos are placed upon by the game in the cutscene where Gestalt is gaining on them. To my knowledge I never attempted this on the second platform but it more than likely would also be able to be replicated there as well.
  8. Audanti'sshitposts

    story mode Crackpot rewind cut-scene B_1.09B

    Now this is one that happened to me weeks back and my memory might be a bit fuzzy. Now when I had fought Crackpot the first time it was a rather easy fight I spammed grenades to knock him off his platform reducing his corpus by one and of course triggering the cut-scene where he teleports to the floor thus rendering his magic unusable. Then of course came the dreaded train portion a part I more than likely died no less than a dozen times on and I had a rather odd occurrence I will specify in another report as I am taking a break from Discord. Anyways as I kept fighting Crackpot I lost a few times probably two maybe three times which was no big deal as the Crackpot boss fight has a checkpoint. The interesting thing was that during some of those battle Crackpot would inexplicably teleport right back up to his podium then teleport down and the cut-scene would play again with the same dialogue and everything. In fact during one of my fights with him I saw him do this twice I also attempted to execute a graveseeker and ended up being thrown into the sky but not really relevant. Anyway from what I remember here is my mental checklist of how I had this occur. First make sure you knock down Crackpot with Deimos grenades skipping the part of killing the graveseekers then try fighting him normally if it doesn't work maybe kill the graveseekers and a few grunts along with directing a few attacks his way. If that fails win the fight then die on the train portion or just allow yourself to lose. With luck he will eventually pull off this error in his code. Now the amount of times you will have to fight him to pull this off is both random and luck based. Since I failed the train portion a good number of times and thus fought Crackpot around eight times or so I can safely say I won at least four or five fights against him and occasionally he would do this. And the other three times his goons overwhelmed me because I was relying on the tactic of using Sanford's flashbangs to cut down his Corpus yet even in the times I lost he would still do it before I was killed during the battle of course. I believe it also helps to use the hook to pull him in and of course do some sort of damage to him whether it be with firearms, melee your fists perhaps spam him a bit with grenades who knows. Heck you can even use the grenades to get up to his platform at least Deimos did one time somehow was not able to replicate it.
  9. Mateusz

    story mode No continue

    1.09.b,when I fought and lost the battle with Dr. Crackpot there was no end and I was not able to restart or exit the stage,it was only one time
  10. LuGamer011

    bug Elevator bug (v BETA 1.09.b)

    Hello, today I'll show a bug that makes my game in history mode un-playable. It happens in the version 1.09.b . The thing is, when I play the level The boom factory the elevators glitch making this happen. And I can't afford some level parts, like the bridge. Hope you can fix it! -LuGamer011 from Argentina. P.S sorry my bad english ? BUG IN BETA v 1.09.b.mp4
  11. I can't destroy this power box in "Deep Storage" level, or I'm doing something wrong. I tried to shoot, use Nexus Bolts, throw weapons, and nothing happened. Also, clearing the room didn't help.
  12. sub2PewDiePie

    bug Mag killing bug

    it very hard to explain but just watch this (beta 1.07a) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=t9tlJ5ipHhA&feature=youtu.be