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About Me

  1. on the missions seeking asylum and sleeper labs you go up to the door after either turret section and you walk through when you are in the next room your supposed to walk in but the door is closed and your stuck in it
  2. When I am playing with a companion on the foundry map and he dies the game instantly turns into a slideshow and I cant do anything to fix it besides leaving the map or restarting the game. I tried tweakign the settings and everything nothing worked and I get this everytime an AI companion dies on the foundry map.
  3. Alright so sometimes when loading up a mission, i would occasionally get this one mission with the invasion prefix in place of the mission that i had selected but when loading the mission it will appear as normal. For example when loading pit stop i would get this mission and when i go to start this mission it will load pit stop as normal.
  4. I can't continue or load a game in arena mode, and when I start a new game and make a new character I am just stuck in the beginning cutscene with my character staring out the window of the bus. I can also not enter the campaign at all and when I enter playground mode the camera is stuck in a spot where I can barely see anything and I cannot move my character.
  5. The Murder Room starts off with normal FPS, but each wave seems to get worse and worse to the point where I'm getting less and less FPS. The first 3 waves aren't too bad, but by the end of wave 7, I get 4 FPS average. At first I thought maybe it had something to do with enemies falling in the pits? So I tried wave 8-13 by only killing enemies using the pits, and by the end of wave 13.. I had about 25-30 fps. So, maybe the pits are related, maybe they're not? But playing Wave 4-7 normally, killing enemies however I could was worse. Another note: This bug was also present in Beta V1.30.
  6. If you change character to the mag agent, you're too massive to walk to the left side of the screen if you are on the right side of the computer (by cycle music)
  7. When initiating a mission with a gun equipped, you do not get the extra magazines, not even the ones from the skills: core gun handling. You may get the extra clips when initializing the game if your character had a gun equipped, but that is it. Frequency: Always.
  8. So this door opened, but I'm playing the demo (1.14.c), and have completed both of the two missions I'm allowed to use, both on hard, and warehouse raid on madness.
  9. the 2BDamned face filter will literally disappear of my character and outt've all my inventories every time i go outta arena mode or close then open the game. its the only item, im aware of, that does this
  10. Build: v1.13.e Bug 1: in the first level off arena and really any level that the enemies teleport in occasionally if you go through a wave fast enough one or two enemies spawn outside the room. you can usually tell that they spawned improperly rather than not spawning at all because your partner will automatically face their direction. Bug 2: the kick/dive pickup perk is really inconsistent and can lead to diving off the side of the map very often when the player is almost a step away from the weapon Bug 3: party members will occasionally get stuck facing one direction. this cou
  11. PN2 Version: v1.13.e Bug Type: Level in "The Murder Room 5" Description: One of the enemies didn't die at the bottom and when the floor open, the enemy and me fly up to the air. bug_Trim.mp4 Extra comment(s): I was watching Hell's Kitchen in the background on my 2nd monitor.
  12. For some reason when you have a gun now, you'll get your ammo refilled but you won't get extra magazines to reload the gun, even with the ammo belt and ammo backpack you won't get extra magazines. That is if you have your gun is your active weapon when starting a mission, for some reason if it isn't your active gun it does give extra magazines. I'm not sure why this, but y'know thought I'd let you know.
  13. While this issue was mentioned in a bug report created by Capt. Latrios for version 1.13a, I thought it might be worth while to report it again for 1.13.d. The bug involves the ability for enemy units to stun the player, I have only played in arena mode so I cannot say whether this bug still applies in story mode. The unarmed skill "Rowdy" and "Toughguy" work as intended if the player is unarmed, preventing enemy units from stunning the player (I have not gotten the third perk "Thug" yet). However, if the player switches to melee, any melee or unarmed attack that connects with the pl
  14. May update this one as I find more, but the main ones are A; that weird thing where trying to throw the first of two dual-wielded weapons throws both for no good reason... And B; Sometime the ability to change pre-mission loadouts just disappears. And when it does, it never seems to return, being permenantly locked Also, Various part of levels in the Mining sector, Especially in Chasms, either do not load properly or their textures are bugged... or both, I dunno
  15. I've encountered a series of bugs since the switch to 1.13a One of the most egregious ones is the fact that sometimes, after throwing the second of two dual-wielded weapons, the weapon disappears into the ground, the character stops in place, and can no longer be moved or swapped away from, and the only available action is to bring up the pause menu and restart the entire level... or just quit. A more prevalent bug is the fact that sometimes when moving to grab weapons off of tables or benches or from inside lockers, or even just on the floor. The character's pathfinding will bug out and
  16. Beta Version: v1.13.a Bug type: Buttons not responsive (Mechanic) Map Where Bug Was Encountered [Difficulty]: Normal (Climb!) Description: Buttons were unresponsive to the interact key. Forcing a restart in the entire level. Bug 2.mp4
  17. Beta Version: v1.13.a Bug type: Loadout. Map Where Bug Was Encountered [Difficulty]: The Residential Sector. (Work on any main hub.) Description: When I go switch loadout I notice it when I go to unarmed loadout it show the previous loadout weapons. bug.mp4
  18. Here's some bugs I found remaining, and old ones I didn't check now but forgot to mention before. -Sheriff Boss Cutscene: Either it happens if you skip the dialog too fast, or when you replay the level after beating it a first time. Instead of hiding behind the second set of sandbags, he remains in front and invulnerable, increasing the difficulty of the second set of charges you have to plant. -A12 (A Tec 12 shotgun, I think?) in Deep Storage: Before climbing the stairs, using the lift, and hitting the big room that serves as an arena, being near / picking up the shotgun in this loc
  19. This occurred to me a couple of times during Climb! and I thought it had be patched out, but it seems that isn't entirely the case. This now happened to me during Seeking Asylum, all attacks will stop registering, both player side and enemy side except for thrown weapons. It came up first during the final friendship test and I was actually saved from it by an Asylum Patient's kick to the face! The second time occurred right at the start of facing the boss, on one hand, now he couldn't hit me at all, but on the other hand, I had to spend several minutes throwing swords at his sporadic
  20. In this room in Climb! there is a powerbox that needs to be destroyed to progress. However, the only way to destroy it is to shoot it while it's off screen from the raised platform. By the time I realised this, I had spent most of my ammo fruitlessly trying to fire under the barrier or killing enemies, and because I missed most of my shots (because I couldn't see where it was) I couldn't destroy it. The camera pan to the box didn't trigger until after my ammo was gone. Unlike other sections like this, there is no ammo box to replenish ammo, and enemies do not drop guns. I had to restart the le
  21. Finally 'beat' the Blackguard after a few attempts. When I blew off his body armour it revealed a shrunken torso that was fatter and the ends and very thin in the centre, like there was some model bug. Also, when I 'killed him' after he got out his minigun, the other Tower Guards ran off, but he just stayed at 0 corpus. He was still 'alive' though, but his AI was disabled. I was not able to progress after this. EDIT: Somehow it is possible to kill him for real by chucking a grenade under him, launching him in the air, and letting fall damage finish him off. Ragdolling him in o
  22. Version 1.12.D,there were no ammo,but this
  23. v.1.12.0 Upon dying, the level does not reset so that pistons move normally. One has to exit to the map again to reset the pistons. edit: ALSO discovered AFTER DYING that the crate for the sheriff's fortress does not spawn a second time for some reason on hard mode. Notably, I shot at the crate as well, if that makes a difference. In the inner city, the power source doesn't respawn after dying. It seems like consumable items are not respawning on restart.
  24. Whenever I start a new arena mode it bugs out and boss-man doesn't move after the orientation fight.
  25. I started up PN2 Arena Mode today, and when I pressed (I) to enter my inventory, this is what I saw:
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