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Found 10 results

  1. I have a few bugs to report, some of which were present in previous updates and all are related to squadmates in arena mode. Theres a bug that occurs when a squadmate is told to attack an enemy while holding the middle mouse button (to persist the command to attack enemies). When told to attack the enemy they will do so, but will not move away from the body until it either despawns or the wave ends. They will, however, continue to attack any enemies that come within range of the body. I would like to add that it looks like they are still trying to kill the body, as when they are able to start sprinting while hovering over the body, they will perform a jump kick takedown toward it. In the most recent update I have also noticed that after the body they have been trying to attack despawns, they will move in a random direction until hitting a wall, showing the "pickup weapon" command action next to their name. I have noticed that when squadmates have to follow me up certain inclines, they cannot follow until I stop moving, this happens in the large double ramps in the apartments level and on the ramp farthest from the camera in the zed rooftops level. I have not created a new savegame for the most recent update if that provides any more useful info. Let me know if you need any game files from me to track down these issues. I wish you the best of luck in fixing these issues! (Hope this format is alright, my first bug report lol)
  2. Basically said, i go up the stairs and through the first door, get the prompt to talk with the bossman, then he just walks into the wall next to the lockers. I assume he needs to follow me through the door and use the console to open the door, but he never does this, simply just keeps on walking into the wall. This stops me from starting a new arena mode what-so-ever.
  3. Huggmask

    bug V1.10.b arena problems

    Often in arena mode after double jumping/sliding the character freezes, will not move or do anything until loosing a health core, then it's fully playable again. Also, all my squadmates keeps throwing away all the guns I give them, I really wish they didn't ?
  4. I don't think they supposed to look like this. You know guys, it would be really good if you'll make changelogs.
  5. alibabba3000

    bug Ranged Perks not working

    The perks "auto fire compensation" and "auto fire correction" are not working. Here is what happens: I buy a mod for my automatic gun, I try it out, the perks work fine (slight recoil and then none after holding down trigger). When I leave the store/mod/storage area, I try my gun and its back to before where recoil is very significant. It goes back to normal when I re-enter the store room. Video attached. But it seems to work ok when I enter a stage/match. Build: Beta 1.10 b Desktop_2018_12_06_-_16_07_03_06.mp4
  6. they just dont rotate its like they're dead(noticed a few mins later: apparently every fan(vent fans,the fan next to the pc where you can hire squad mates etc.) have stopped spinning
  7. emersald

    bug [1.09b] buffed weapon mod bug

    well, in my opinion this is one of the most annoying bugs in the game, it happens when you mod a weapon very nice, specially rifles and heavy weapons, when you get a certain mod the weapon doesnt shoot and all the money you spend didnt worth it. in the next video you will see a perfect example of this bug. This m249 has 20 of damage and 70 of recoil, a beautiful weapon but look, it doesnt deal damage to enemies. i hope this get fixed because it cant continue like this ?
  8. Lobones12

    bug 1.09.a arena mode bug

    I'm having some problems with playing some arena mode levels. So far, I have tried to play training room and murder room but nothing happens. I just load into the map but it doesn't start. Not even the wave 1 sign or skip button appears. And neither does the countdown to the fight.
  9. I'm wondering if there are any plans to improve the enemy spawns in arenas with multiple rooms? The Arena mode is a treat to play, but one thing that's constant in pretty much every arena stage that includes multiple rooms is enemies getting stuck in whatever rooms they spawn in, thus forcing the player to go out and hunt them down! And after hunting them down, if there are allies in the room you were previously in, they'll more than likely already be in conflict with the new group of enemies that just spawned. They don't have the best chances at facing a G03LM on their own! There are a few random props/locations in certain stages enemies occasionally get stuck on, but the locations I've noticed are pretty much guaranteed are the bar stools in Club Advent and on the frame of just about any doorway, since they all use the same door model. I'm still having a lot of fun with the game regardless of enemies getting stuck or not, but I'd just like to know if any tweaks are gonna be coming in the future! Thanks!
  10. ok, well in arena mode, i enjoy it alot, its the real reason i like project nexus 1, but my issue with some of the arena maps is...some are broke, it kinda breaks progression when on maps like the murder room 2, or training room 3.0 some are broken for me, and most people say its broken for them, and i kinda hate it, this game is very much in the oven for some maps, the game itself is perfect but some maps that fucks with ur progression gives me aids, ill list the maps here: nexus projects, the murder room 2, abandoned outpost red skull, the murder room, and training room 3.0.