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  1. I've encountered a series of bugs since the switch to 1.13a One of the most egregious ones is the fact that sometimes, after throwing the second of two dual-wielded weapons, the weapon disappears into the ground, the character stops in place, and can no longer be moved or swapped away from, and the only available action is to bring up the pause menu and restart the entire level... or just quit. A more prevalent bug is the fact that sometimes when moving to grab weapons off of tables or benches or from inside lockers, or even just on the floor. The character's pathfinding will bug out and
  2. On the level "Flood Control" in this one certain room if you try and go through the door after killing all the enemies your game softlocks basically inside of the door I have no idea why or how this occurs but It happens everytime I try and finish the level. (its the room where 3 guys are walking in a straight line at the start and 3 other guys doing a ritual) 2019-11-03 12-04-41.mp4
  3. Here's some bugs I found remaining, and old ones I didn't check now but forgot to mention before. -Sheriff Boss Cutscene: Either it happens if you skip the dialog too fast, or when you replay the level after beating it a first time. Instead of hiding behind the second set of sandbags, he remains in front and invulnerable, increasing the difficulty of the second set of charges you have to plant. -A12 (A Tec 12 shotgun, I think?) in Deep Storage: Before climbing the stairs, using the lift, and hitting the big room that serves as an arena, being near / picking up the shotgun in this loc
  4. If one companion is dead when you transition into the train chase scene (Or more likely if they die during the animation), then the appropriate cutscene won't play and by extension, the timer won't either. The actual gameplay sequence still played out as normal, albeit skipping the first dodging obstacle, though I didn't care to find out if the timer was just invisible now or not. Also the endless debris that's meant to fall during the "Find C4 in one of a billion containers" section isn't currently falling, not sure if this is a bug or a change, but if it's a change then it kinda renders
  5. Version 1.12.D,there were no ammo,but this
  6. ...Upon realizing the vent can be re-entered by Hank, the circumstances of this prog stop suddenly become a lot more specific and "If you had this happen you probably did it on purpose" but I'm gonna point it out anyway. On the first elevator sequence where Hank and Sanford split up, if you murderate everyone then have Sanford exit through the door you entered through, Hank and Sanford will both be present on the first floor when they re-enter. If you have Sanford enter the elevator and then have Hank exit through the door then re-enter, Sanford and Hank will be present on the first floor
  7. Quite a severe bug that I'm pretty sure has been around a while now, although I dunno why I didn't mention it before. In the part of the stage where you have to lob grenades at a doodad to unlock a bridge there's an upstairs (Upramp?) portion and if you stand anywhere in the circle, the camera will move above the ceiling and completely block the camera and only show darkness. It's quite a large portion of the area so it's a bit of a big deal, especially considering that's where the Engineer squad spawns in.
  8. While i was playing Deep storage mission i stumbled upon a few bugs. One of them happens to be tied with the removal of ammo boxes. Some lockers still contain said ammo boxes and if you pick them up you wouldn't be able to shoot, use the melee and grab weapons in the room. Although you still could block, jump and dash. Your squadmate would be able to fight back. This bug occures ONLY in the room in which ammo box was taken. I found only two of them on the level. Example:
  9. So it seems the silent patch meant to fix some issues actually ended up causing unrelated ones such as this one where I loaded my save and noticed that Sanford was missing at the museum entrance but Hank was there with the Dragon Slayer sword. Swapping to Sanford causes this. 2019-04-12 19-19-28.mp4
  10. When I try to use the controller, the triggers do not work. I have tried both my steam and xbox 360 controllers with no luck.
  11. Since the update that added multiplayer, I am unable to control the companion that I travel with in story mode, as he just stands in one place, doing nothing, awaiting input from a nonexistent controller. If I connect an xbox controller, a 2nd player is able to control the partner and can control them fine, it's just that I can't progress as a single player, as the camera won't focus on me, and will stretch incredibly far if I walk away from my companion. I tried turning off my bluetooth to see if maybe a random connection was recognized as a controller, but it didn't work. I also tried hittin
  12. While playing through the recent update yesterday and today I encountered my fair share of glitches and sequence breaks. I will do my best to recount them to the best of my ability starting in where I found them. (Most of these were found in the Climb level. While others were located in Shakedown.) Shakedown Glitches: Deimos yeeted into the Shadow Realm. Starting this off from the Hive boss fight while controlling Christoff I noticed that Deimos was being targeted by a three shot volley of Hive missiles. Hive let them loose and Deimos ended up soaring past the level ceiling and was out o
  13. Was excited to start the new available missions after transferring my save over, only to find that I can't shoot, switch characters, or even pommel strike. With either mission. Best I can manage is swapping weapons. Hitting restart hasn't helped, neither has exiting and trying another mission (or trying the same mission again) I was perfectly capable of shooting in the overworld, but I am simply unable to do anything. Aside from that defensive parry move you do when you roll the mouse wheel. Update; It seems that (presumably) near the end of Hank and Sanford's part of the mission, the ou
  14. I know it's a little late, but I since I've been playing for awhile I figured my list might be of use. Gun reloads take longer when transitioning between moving and stationary animations due to the reload animation or parts of it resetting. (wasn't a huge personal problem since I always like more difficulty). The tram from overworld 2 (the industrial sector) only moves forth if you've just completed level 2-3. You have to save progress by moving to 3-1, then exiting or completing the level. Going back on the tram, and / or forward the next time you enter the industrial sector or relo
  15. Got two issues here - I'm on the mission where you go after the Sheriff, and upon reaching this rooftop bit I got stuck because of an enemy who refused to attack me. Just kept walking in place up there, and he's too high for me to hit him. Upon attempting to back up and shoot him, I managed to get stuck as Deimos in the corner there. Can't move or dodge whatsoever. Hopefully the picture illustrates this properly. Ultimately not the biggest issue, but still annoying.
  16. Version 1.11.c,the elevator did not go down 20190217_204322.mp4
  17. On "Chasms" after fighting dr crackpot and attempting to get on the train the one who gets on is teleported into the void and unable to move. In the screenshot I was playing as deimos. https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1606287072 In "The Last Leg" on the ghoul boss fight I am able to take one health unit down and he jumps away and never returns, the ai constantly attacks where it was when it jumped.
  18. After another attempt at grenade hopping up to some out of the way weapons and failing it I stumbled upon a rather intriguing bug. My thought process was to play the Chasm level on easy and then press K to ragdoll as I threw the grenade hoping that I might be able to control the ragdoll body in the air and angle it to the platform. Since seeing as how simply standing over the grenade or running into it were not breaking ground. The result was another failure and after the final grenade went off and stripped Deimos' last corpus block away I simply decided to quit the level and turn the game off
  19. Version 1.10.a,I was not able to revive Sanford 20181102_205828.mp4
  20. It has come to my attention that a strange graphical glitch occurs on the level Last Leg specifically on the Ghoul boss battle. What one needs to do is shoot Ghoul numerous times with a weapon swap characters and then hopefully the AI character is knocked down by the spider bot. Once that happens the last weapon that the character used should be in the middle of the floor unable to be picked up with the E key. Now the odd thing is the weapon is still technically in the player inventory but the graphic has glitched the gun into being an unusable gun on the battlefield. To counter this all one m
  21. During the tiresome and nerve wracking fight with Ghoul a rather frustrating soft-lock may occur that forces the player to have to commit suicide and redo the fight again. This soft lock happens when Ghoul's Corpus has been reduced to one and he has taken out all other platforms aside from the final one. To achieve this soft-lock simply continue to dodge Ghoul's attacks until he turns and walks through the air outside of the wall of the elevator. He is now no longer in the map meaning you are forced to throw yourself down the elevator shaft to regain your lost honor as well as to redo the figh
  22. Now this one glitch right here is no ordinary clip oh no in fact it was part of the reason the train section was so hard to overcome and thus put me in a state of fear every time I attempted it. For anyone that has played this far you will be aware that after Crackpot's defeat Gestalt crashes into his chamber forcing you and your partner to hop a train platform where you are then expected to survive two minutes and thirty seconds against both enemies and Gestalt himself. If that was not bad enough you will have constant red arrows point out wooden boards that you have to jump into at an angle
  23. Now this is one that happened to me weeks back and my memory might be a bit fuzzy. Now when I had fought Crackpot the first time it was a rather easy fight I spammed grenades to knock him off his platform reducing his corpus by one and of course triggering the cut-scene where he teleports to the floor thus rendering his magic unusable. Then of course came the dreaded train portion a part I more than likely died no less than a dozen times on and I had a rather odd occurrence I will specify in another report as I am taking a break from Discord. Anyways as I kept fighting Crackpot I lost a few ti
  24. 1.09.b,when I fought and lost the battle with Dr. Crackpot there was no end and I was not able to restart or exit the stage,it was only one time
  25. Hello, today I'll show a bug that makes my game in history mode un-playable. It happens in the version 1.09.b . The thing is, when I play the level The boom factory the elevators glitch making this happen. And I can't afford some level parts, like the bridge. Hope you can fix it! -LuGamer011 from Argentina. P.S sorry my bad english ? BUG IN BETA v 1.09.b.mp4
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