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Found 69 results

  1. Whenever I start a new arena mode it bugs out and boss-man doesn't move after the orientation fight.
  2. I started up PN2 Arena Mode today, and when I loaded into the base I noticed one of my sqaudmates' name had appeared next to my character's name. By the looks of it I could only control him with a controller, but I don't have one plugged in and have never used a controller when playing PN2. I couldn't see any way to get rid of this. Also, when I pressed (I) to enter my inventory, this is what I saw:
  3. I've been recently playing through the story on a second save, and I've noticed that when entering the room with the keys, that Gestalt appears in for the first time when you grab them both and kill the unfinished MAGs, if you swap to Christoff around the time the camera pans up at the control panel, the camera will get stuck there, being unable to switch back and making escaping Gestalt impossible. And while not entirely related, I'm still irregularly encountering that bug where I'm unable to attack in a certain room for no discernable reason
  4. Zandermanith

    bug [1.12D] Mag Execution Ragdoll Bug

    Now this requires a rather specific set of circumstances to occur that I just so happened to cause, but I'm gonna mention it anyway. If a character is blown out of a Mag's hand while they're in the middle of their execution attack, they still get affected by the ragdolling prompt that occurs after the animation is finished. Note how Hank was blown off the building and then fell right back off while climbing it at the same time the Mag fired his shot. Just don't mind my bright idea to decidedly fire a DC-NAN at point blank range.
  5. Zandermanith

    bug [v1.12D] Hits Stop Registering

    This occurred to me a couple of times during Climb! and I thought it had be patched out, but it seems that isn't entirely the case. This now happened to me during Seeking Asylum, all attacks will stop registering, both player side and enemy side except for thrown weapons. It came up first during the final friendship test and I was actually saved from it by an Asylum Patient's kick to the face! The second time occurred right at the start of facing the boss, on one hand, now he couldn't hit me at all, but on the other hand, I had to spend several minutes throwing swords at his sporadic rear end.
  6. After killing all applicants and talking to the Bossman, the Bossman himself won't go anythere making tutorial impossible to complete. Example:
  7. Johnny Bravo

    bug [v.1.12.D] Deep storage locker bug

    While i was playing Deep storage mission i stumbled upon a few bugs. One of them happens to be tied with the removal of ammo boxes. Some lockers still contain said ammo boxes and if you pick them up you wouldn't be able to shoot, use the melee and grab weapons in the room. Although you still could block, jump and dash. Your squadmate would be able to fight back. This bug occures ONLY in the room in which ammo box was taken. I found only two of them on the level. Example:
  8. The front of the weapon is changing size when I equip the weapon I have taken from my stash, this does not happen to shotguns or handguns.
  9. Severity: Game-Breaking. This feature is clearly listed, the player cannot fix it, and it affects every player who plays Arena Combat and picks an origin. What Happened: I was playing Arena mode, and I noticed that my mission rewards were unchanged even though I picked the Mercenary origin (they get a +10% bonus to mission rewards at the expense of -20% to squadmates starting level). Thinking that the modifiers may have only been broken for the Mercenary origin, I started a new career with the NEXUS Scientist origin (25% faster hacking and search speed). I ran the mission Abandoned outpost in my Mercenary Arena career and recorded the search and hacking times. I then exited to the main menu, selected the NEXUS Scientist career, ran the mission Abandoned outpost, and recorded the search and hacking times. The times are admittedly a bit rough around the edges, but I got a fairly consistent 3-second hacking and search time in both careers. Expected Result: We expect the origins to have some sort of in-game effect because the game represents to us that picking a given origin will apply some sort of modifier to the arena career which will tweak gameplay. In the case of the Mercenary origin, additional funds at the expense of inexperienced teammates, and in the case of the NEXUS Scientist, faster interactions at the expense of getting the shit punched out of you like the massive nerd you are. If Arena Mode origins are not expected to function yet, then this should be communicated to the player in-game. Steps To Replicate Bug: Pick Arena Combat --> New Career --> enter a name --> select any origin --> create character. Play any mission, and notice that your origin didn't do anything.
  10. Audanti'sshitposts

    bug 1.12b Silent patch bug found

    So it seems the silent patch meant to fix some issues actually ended up causing unrelated ones such as this one where I loaded my save and noticed that Sanford was missing at the museum entrance but Hank was there with the Dragon Slayer sword. Swapping to Sanford causes this. 2019-04-12 19-19-28.mp4
  11. This is a normal-priority bug, as all the player needs to do to fix this issue is to click the difficulty button again, and the proper challenge rating and mission prizes will display. Nevertheless, if the player is unaware of this bug, it can put him or her into confusing, unfair, or frustrating situations as they may be oversold on a mission's rewards or underestimate a mission's difficulty. I was playing arena mode and selected the mission "Training Room" on "Normal" difficulty; the "This stage will be . . ." line indicated that it would be "a breeze." I switched over to "Abandoned Outpost;" the difficulty remained on "Normal." Seeing that the "This stage will be . . ." line still indicated that the selected stage would be "a breeze" I entered into the stage. I loaded into the "Abandoned Outpost" on "Normal" difficulty What I thought would be an easy stage ended up wiping the floor with me. After reviving, I returned to the mission select area and noticed the mission reward increased substantially and the "This stage will be . . ." line was now listed as "challenging." Typically, the difficulty rating is an approximate representation of how challenging the stage will be to the player given various factors (I am too lazy and uninformed to know what those exactly are). If a stage will be significantly more challenging to the player, we expect the displayed difficulty rating to change to represent the aforementioned challenge. Furthermore, if a mission's prizes change from one stage to the next then we expect the onscreen mission details to change to reflect that. The problem can be observed across all missions. All you have to do to replicate the issue is go to the mission select screen, select a difficulty, and switch to a different mission. As long as the newly selected mission has that difficulty unlocked, the displayed challenge rating and mission prizes will be unchanged (mission names, tiers, briefings, and objectives will display as intended, however).
  12. Huggmask

    bug [V1.12D]

    Whenever I have a full auto weapon and just tap, its burst om them all, please fix this gamebreaking bug
  13. Three-Quarters Zombie

    bug [v1.12.D] Triggers not working.

    When I try to use the controller, the triggers do not work. I have tried both my steam and xbox 360 controllers with no luck.
  14. + a minor typo. Should be "If the nexus core CONTINUES moving forward"
  15. No collision with the wall here in the stairwell room where you fight the GOL3M in Climb! I only discovered it by falling through it.
  16. Zandermanith

    bug [1.12d] Ghoul Disappearing

    I feel like I encountered this bug back when Ghoul was the new thing, but it seems like if his targeting reticle reaches the outer edges of the map before he lands, he'll just completely disappear. Also you might want to take a look at those four beams on the edges of the elevator if you're ever wanting to polish stuff, clipping's okay with smaller details like this, but the amount of clipping here is kind of ridiculous, especially when the elevator goes at angles.
  17. After playing multiplayer with my brother in campaign, the mission where we first meet gestalt bugged out and the screen turned black at the end. Frustrated, I went to play arena mode, with my crew members being kinda buggy, with only 2 names listed on the right side of my screen, yet all 4/5 of my crew members still followed my command. The 5th, however, didn't move, only for us to realize that it was being controlled by my brother. Excited, we tried playing an arena match, only for all crew members to revert to normal, meaning he couldn't control anyone, and all 5 names were listed on the right side of my screen. Interestingly enough though, I then pressed pause, toggled the "player one is controller" function, then turned it back off. Right after turning it back off, my brother was somehow able to regain control of the crew member. So this is basically an early way to play multiplayer in arena mode! Please let me know if you guys could replicate it. Here's a pic of me replicating the procedure using a freshly created character. [Edit]: Again, all one needs to do is just press pause with at least one crew member currently following you, and then toggle the "player one if controller function" on and back off. This also seems to turn any other crew members into non-moving players as well, so maybe there's a possibility to play more than just 2 players, but I'm not entirely sure. And if any crew member dies, the game will perceive it as if you died, meaning the match must be redone.
  18. Since the update that added multiplayer, I am unable to control the companion that I travel with in story mode, as he just stands in one place, doing nothing, awaiting input from a nonexistent controller. If I connect an xbox controller, a 2nd player is able to control the partner and can control them fine, it's just that I can't progress as a single player, as the camera won't focus on me, and will stretch incredibly far if I walk away from my companion. I tried turning off my bluetooth to see if maybe a random connection was recognized as a controller, but it didn't work. I also tried hitting x to switch to my companion, and the game doesn't let me even switch to them. I don't know what to do.
  19. VEVEN

    bug [v1.12.b] 2 Murder rooms

    I think i don't even have to explain this.
  20. Audanti'sshitposts

    bug Aud's 1.12b bug hunt finds

    While playing through the recent update yesterday and today I encountered my fair share of glitches and sequence breaks. I will do my best to recount them to the best of my ability starting in where I found them. (Most of these were found in the Climb level. While others were located in Shakedown.) Shakedown Glitches: Deimos yeeted into the Shadow Realm. Starting this off from the Hive boss fight while controlling Christoff I noticed that Deimos was being targeted by a three shot volley of Hive missiles. Hive let them loose and Deimos ended up soaring past the level ceiling and was out of bounds right behind Jeb who was unable to revive him. Of course Hive soon killed me causing me to have to do the fight again till I won it eventually. Deimos's negative grenades. This was found on one of my many runs against Hive. Before I entered the boss fight I noticed something peculiar about Deimos' grenade counter more importantly that it was reading negative one grenades. (Saved it as a screenshot to show it to friends but it has now been lost.) Jebus blood hitmarker. This one was during one of my first fights with Hive last night. He had downed Jeb and caused a strange sort of blood splatter to appear complete with a sound. When he ended up hitting the downed savior with missiles again the issue was fixed. Strange colored ATP mask found on Climb. Fairly certain this one is a glitch of some sort. Bouncing Nexus Agent glitch. Somehow during the Gestalt chase sequence an Agent was being bounced up and down on the laser grid making the noises as well. Until Gestalt came along and launched him away. 2019-04-11 14-36-20.mp4 2019-04-11 14-36-20.mp4 2019-04-11 14-36-20.mp4 2019-04-11 19-37-12.mp4 Climb Glitches: MOLE HANK! This is a simple one I like to call Mole Hank. I was busy ascending up the second elevator sequence as Sanford had died upstairs and I had the Dragon Slayer out ready to fight but I hit a slight problem. I somehow ended up being stuck phased through a good chunk of the lift floor causing me to be trapped and have to force a restart. I also have a screenshot of this. 2019-04-11 19-37-12.mp4 2019-04-11 15-50-52.mp4
  21. 1. I don't know is it a bug or not, but I remember when Krinkels was streaming he could ring the bell right at the beginning to get a little easter egg. Now I can't ring the bell. 2. In second room: 3. In room with the lift: + you put 2 lines of "sprint" in controls.
  22. Was excited to start the new available missions after transferring my save over, only to find that I can't shoot, switch characters, or even pommel strike. With either mission. Best I can manage is swapping weapons. Hitting restart hasn't helped, neither has exiting and trying another mission (or trying the same mission again) I was perfectly capable of shooting in the overworld, but I am simply unable to do anything. Aside from that defensive parry move you do when you roll the mouse wheel. Update; It seems that (presumably) near the end of Hank and Sanford's part of the mission, the outside area near the second helipad and the terminal that sanford can't hack, the ability to fire weapons or actively attack in any way is again lost, which is a shame, because i wanted to try out the new bren gun that I'd found. And while not directly related, I feel I may as well mention it; how the heck is Christoff supposed to get at that keycard? Summon it over? Because it's not highlighting when it appears, and the robot's not picking it up
  23. Bat Day

    bug My list [v1.11c]

    I know it's a little late, but I since I've been playing for awhile I figured my list might be of use. Gun reloads take longer when transitioning between moving and stationary animations due to the reload animation or parts of it resetting. (wasn't a huge personal problem since I always like more difficulty). The tram from overworld 2 (the industrial sector) only moves forth if you've just completed level 2-3. You have to save progress by moving to 3-1, then exiting or completing the level. Going back on the tram, and / or forward the next time you enter the industrial sector or reload your save results in you permanently being softlocked out of further progress for that save file unless you've unlocked an alternative way to get between the industrial sector and other places. There's a similar problem with the tram on level 5-2, making you have to play the rest of the level with just the other team-mate. In level 5-2, you can also get stuck in the glowing red walled arena portion of the level if you don't slay the all the guys behind it first. Other lesser problems just include you occasionally teleporting when disarming weapons (barely a problem), or getting stuck in the boiler in 3-1, or in a wall in the beginning of the queue room in 4-2, a sleepwalker staying inside his container in 4-3, or sinking past an unclimbable part of geometry at the back of the first puzzle locked platform in 5-3. These are some of the rare minor things that sometimes requires a level restart. I also had to plug a walking headless guy in a server room with a second shot, and managed to kill a plot specific big guy with an elevator in a way that halted level progress, but these are both very rare and more funny than problematic. -P.S. Hank automatically throws both weapons when throwing something while holding a large assault rifle, and a sword & / or anything else in the other hand. Might only trigger when the AR is thrown. Also, this is not a bug, but I still really miss the quicker timed press snap-dodges. They were harder to pull off and made a level more intense since I usually felt I needed them more than the Iframe dodges.
  24. Got two issues here - I'm on the mission where you go after the Sheriff, and upon reaching this rooftop bit I got stuck because of an enemy who refused to attack me. Just kept walking in place up there, and he's too high for me to hit him. Upon attempting to back up and shoot him, I managed to get stuck as Deimos in the corner there. Can't move or dodge whatsoever. Hopefully the picture illustrates this properly. Ultimately not the biggest issue, but still annoying.
  25. Mateusz

    bug It does not go down

    Version 1.11.c,the elevator did not go down 20190217_204322.mp4