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Found 81 results

  1. Bot_Ryan487

    bug Area level.

    PN2 Version: v1.13.e Bug Type: Level in "The Murder Room 5" Description: One of the enemies didn't die at the bottom and when the floor open, the enemy and me fly up to the air. bug_Trim.mp4 Extra comment(s): I was watching Hell's Kitchen in the background on my 2nd monitor.
  2. AppleWithNoArms

    bug [Beta 1.13.a] No extra magazines

    For some reason when you have a gun now, you'll get your ammo refilled but you won't get extra magazines to reload the gun, even with the ammo belt and ammo backpack you won't get extra magazines. That is if you have your gun is your active weapon when starting a mission, for some reason if it isn't your active gun it does give extra magazines. I'm not sure why this, but y'know thought I'd let you know.
  3. While this issue was mentioned in a bug report created by Capt. Latrios for version 1.13a, I thought it might be worth while to report it again for 1.13.d. The bug involves the ability for enemy units to stun the player, I have only played in arena mode so I cannot say whether this bug still applies in story mode. The unarmed skill "Rowdy" and "Toughguy" work as intended if the player is unarmed, preventing enemy units from stunning the player (I have not gotten the third perk "Thug" yet). However, if the player switches to melee, any melee or unarmed attack that connects with the player will instantly stun as if neither skill has been learned. I have reinstalled and made a new career but the bug is still present.
  4. May update this one as I find more, but the main ones are A; that weird thing where trying to throw the first of two dual-wielded weapons throws both for no good reason... And B; Sometime the ability to change pre-mission loadouts just disappears. And when it does, it never seems to return, being permenantly locked Also, Various part of levels in the Mining sector, Especially in Chasms, either do not load properly or their textures are bugged... or both, I dunno
  5. I've encountered a series of bugs since the switch to 1.13a One of the most egregious ones is the fact that sometimes, after throwing the second of two dual-wielded weapons, the weapon disappears into the ground, the character stops in place, and can no longer be moved or swapped away from, and the only available action is to bring up the pause menu and restart the entire level... or just quit. A more prevalent bug is the fact that sometimes when moving to grab weapons off of tables or benches or from inside lockers, or even just on the floor. The character's pathfinding will bug out and he'll need to run in some nonsensical direction or loop before picking up the weapon... and sometimes, doesn't even pick up the weapon at all. Pretty much every character in the story is incredibly vulnerable to getting stunned. Meaning if two or more enemies decide they want to attack at exactly the same time in melee, you become stunlocked and lose corpus for no good reason. This isn't helped with the second Jorge and Church fight, where their flamehthrower has a nasty habit of knocking over a stunned player and making getting up without taking a lot of damage or losing corpus without any way to fight back or escape impossible. There seems to be absolutely no stun resistance at all. A more minor note is that friendly AI will tend to throw their throwables even if they don't have any, putting their stock into the negatives. Weapons also sometimes disappear beneath the map for no real reason. Also, that presumed bug of automatic guns firing in three-round bursts when not holding down the button is still a thing. It's pretty annoying. And if it's deliberate, then I very much dislike it and wish it to be removed, or at least toggle-able. The same with empty guns disappearing. I can get doing that to save any potential load on the engine, but it would be nice to toggle it for the occasion that you find you've got an ammo pickup, but no guns to use it with.
  6. Fleebotss

    bug Unresponsive buttons

    Beta Version: v1.13.a Bug type: Buttons not responsive (Mechanic) Map Where Bug Was Encountered [Difficulty]: Normal (Climb!) Description: Buttons were unresponsive to the interact key. Forcing a restart in the entire level. Bug 2.mp4
  7. Bot_Ryan487

    bug Loadout Bug

    Beta Version: v1.13.a Bug type: Loadout. Map Where Bug Was Encountered [Difficulty]: The Residential Sector. (Work on any main hub.) Description: When I go switch loadout I notice it when I go to unarmed loadout it show the previous loadout weapons. bug.mp4
  8. Here's some bugs I found remaining, and old ones I didn't check now but forgot to mention before. -Sheriff Boss Cutscene: Either it happens if you skip the dialog too fast, or when you replay the level after beating it a first time. Instead of hiding behind the second set of sandbags, he remains in front and invulnerable, increasing the difficulty of the second set of charges you have to plant. -A12 (A Tec 12 shotgun, I think?) in Deep Storage: Before climbing the stairs, using the lift, and hitting the big room that serves as an arena, being near / picking up the shotgun in this locker locks your pickup controls and glitches other animations and things until you exit the room it's in or take the lift. I read someone else on the forums mention it's when you pick up some nearby ammo. -In the mine levels, it's especially apparent that falling once on some ledges causes you or your ally to continuously roll or maybe even slide back and fall into the pit / water they keep climbing out of. In a previous version of the game, I noticed it was especially apparent if you move too close to the bottom of the screen in a dark sewage room with platforms and abominations where you proceed through a door at the top. This one instance might have been fixed already though. -Thrown shurikens leaving a sound-loop after it hits, causing the room to fill up with spinning noises if enough are thrown. -A combat locked open area hanging platform room in the second mines level that requires you to jump down to the platforms of a previous room and finish off some abominations. Easy fix if found out by the player. -An alarm in Boom Factory failing to go off in the first large area with moving walls and exhaust vents (seems rare and doesn't impede progress). --Older stuff that might have been fixed by now-- -In Climb! I noticed some things that might have caused enemies to go into the sky, thus preventing the kill counter from going down, was their physics collisions with helicopters, and / or possibly an invisible ceiling. Moving away from the side those choppers spawned from seemed to increase chances of preventing that. Either the chopper physics needs / needed to not collide with them, or the invisible sky platform they land on, or the state of being far out of bounds or falling endlessly from too high up to land within the same hour would need to be kept in check to prevent any physics mishaps from causing much trouble (as physics and momentum related mishaps were liable to happen every now and then (especially on that part of that level)). -In Murder Room 1 (I think it's the one with the big fan), if struck the wrong way by a falling agent, the fan's physics would cause its rotation (the fan itself) to offset to angles that make being near the pit a bit more dangerous. -Tricky's hair despawning / derendering in Story Mode, or the player's hair despawning in some Arena maps (noticed in the lowering platforms with alarms Murder Room (3?) ). -Jeb getting stuck behind a staircase. (seems very rare). -The zombie dinner bells setting off that everyone probably knows of.
  9. Zandermanith

    bug [v1.12D] Hits Stop Registering

    This occurred to me a couple of times during Climb! and I thought it had be patched out, but it seems that isn't entirely the case. This now happened to me during Seeking Asylum, all attacks will stop registering, both player side and enemy side except for thrown weapons. It came up first during the final friendship test and I was actually saved from it by an Asylum Patient's kick to the face! The second time occurred right at the start of facing the boss, on one hand, now he couldn't hit me at all, but on the other hand, I had to spend several minutes throwing swords at his sporadic rear end.
  10. In this room in Climb! there is a powerbox that needs to be destroyed to progress. However, the only way to destroy it is to shoot it while it's off screen from the raised platform. By the time I realised this, I had spent most of my ammo fruitlessly trying to fire under the barrier or killing enemies, and because I missed most of my shots (because I couldn't see where it was) I couldn't destroy it. The camera pan to the box didn't trigger until after my ammo was gone. Unlike other sections like this, there is no ammo box to replenish ammo, and enemies do not drop guns. I had to restart the level.
  11. Finally 'beat' the Blackguard after a few attempts. When I blew off his body armour it revealed a shrunken torso that was fatter and the ends and very thin in the centre, like there was some model bug. Also, when I 'killed him' after he got out his minigun, the other Tower Guards ran off, but he just stayed at 0 corpus. He was still 'alive' though, but his AI was disabled. I was not able to progress after this. EDIT: Somehow it is possible to kill him for real by chucking a grenade under him, launching him in the air, and letting fall damage finish him off. Ragdolling him in other ways did nothing to help.
  12. Mateusz

    bug There were no ammo

    Version 1.12.D,there were no ammo,but this
  13. haizakokaru

    bug Boom Factory Pistons Not working

    v.1.12.0 Upon dying, the level does not reset so that pistons move normally. One has to exit to the map again to reset the pistons. edit: ALSO discovered AFTER DYING that the crate for the sheriff's fortress does not spawn a second time for some reason on hard mode. Notably, I shot at the crate as well, if that makes a difference. In the inner city, the power source doesn't respawn after dying. It seems like consumable items are not respawning on restart.
  14. Whenever I start a new arena mode it bugs out and boss-man doesn't move after the orientation fight.
  15. I started up PN2 Arena Mode today, and when I pressed (I) to enter my inventory, this is what I saw:
  16. I've been recently playing through the story on a second save, and I've noticed that when entering the room with the keys, that Gestalt appears in for the first time when you grab them both and kill the unfinished MAGs, if you swap to Christoff around the time the camera pans up at the control panel, the camera will get stuck there, being unable to switch back and making escaping Gestalt impossible. And while not entirely related, I'm still irregularly encountering that bug where I'm unable to attack in a certain room for no discernable reason
  17. Zandermanith

    bug [1.12D] Mag Execution Ragdoll Bug

    Now this requires a rather specific set of circumstances to occur that I just so happened to cause, but I'm gonna mention it anyway. If a character is blown out of a Mag's hand while they're in the middle of their execution attack, they still get affected by the ragdolling prompt that occurs after the animation is finished. Note how Hank was blown off the building and then fell right back off while climbing it at the same time the Mag fired his shot. Just don't mind my bright idea to decidedly fire a DC-NAN at point blank range.
  18. After killing all applicants and talking to the Bossman, the Bossman himself won't go anythere making tutorial impossible to complete. Example:
  19. Johnny Bravo

    bug [v.1.12.D] Deep storage locker bug

    While i was playing Deep storage mission i stumbled upon a few bugs. One of them happens to be tied with the removal of ammo boxes. Some lockers still contain said ammo boxes and if you pick them up you wouldn't be able to shoot, use the melee and grab weapons in the room. Although you still could block, jump and dash. Your squadmate would be able to fight back. This bug occures ONLY in the room in which ammo box was taken. I found only two of them on the level. Example:
  20. The front of the weapon is changing size when I equip the weapon I have taken from my stash, this does not happen to shotguns or handguns.
  21. Severity: Game-Breaking. This feature is clearly listed, the player cannot fix it, and it affects every player who plays Arena Combat and picks an origin. What Happened: I was playing Arena mode, and I noticed that my mission rewards were unchanged even though I picked the Mercenary origin (they get a +10% bonus to mission rewards at the expense of -20% to squadmates starting level). Thinking that the modifiers may have only been broken for the Mercenary origin, I started a new career with the NEXUS Scientist origin (25% faster hacking and search speed). I ran the mission Abandoned outpost in my Mercenary Arena career and recorded the search and hacking times. I then exited to the main menu, selected the NEXUS Scientist career, ran the mission Abandoned outpost, and recorded the search and hacking times. The times are admittedly a bit rough around the edges, but I got a fairly consistent 3-second hacking and search time in both careers. Expected Result: We expect the origins to have some sort of in-game effect because the game represents to us that picking a given origin will apply some sort of modifier to the arena career which will tweak gameplay. In the case of the Mercenary origin, additional funds at the expense of inexperienced teammates, and in the case of the NEXUS Scientist, faster interactions at the expense of getting the shit punched out of you like the massive nerd you are. If Arena Mode origins are not expected to function yet, then this should be communicated to the player in-game. Steps To Replicate Bug: Pick Arena Combat --> New Career --> enter a name --> select any origin --> create character. Play any mission, and notice that your origin didn't do anything.
  22. Audanti'sshitposts

    bug 1.12b Silent patch bug found

    So it seems the silent patch meant to fix some issues actually ended up causing unrelated ones such as this one where I loaded my save and noticed that Sanford was missing at the museum entrance but Hank was there with the Dragon Slayer sword. Swapping to Sanford causes this. 2019-04-12 19-19-28.mp4
  23. This is a normal-priority bug, as all the player needs to do to fix this issue is to click the difficulty button again, and the proper challenge rating and mission prizes will display. Nevertheless, if the player is unaware of this bug, it can put him or her into confusing, unfair, or frustrating situations as they may be oversold on a mission's rewards or underestimate a mission's difficulty. I was playing arena mode and selected the mission "Training Room" on "Normal" difficulty; the "This stage will be . . ." line indicated that it would be "a breeze." I switched over to "Abandoned Outpost;" the difficulty remained on "Normal." Seeing that the "This stage will be . . ." line still indicated that the selected stage would be "a breeze" I entered into the stage. I loaded into the "Abandoned Outpost" on "Normal" difficulty What I thought would be an easy stage ended up wiping the floor with me. After reviving, I returned to the mission select area and noticed the mission reward increased substantially and the "This stage will be . . ." line was now listed as "challenging." Typically, the difficulty rating is an approximate representation of how challenging the stage will be to the player given various factors (I am too lazy and uninformed to know what those exactly are). If a stage will be significantly more challenging to the player, we expect the displayed difficulty rating to change to represent the aforementioned challenge. Furthermore, if a mission's prizes change from one stage to the next then we expect the onscreen mission details to change to reflect that. The problem can be observed across all missions. All you have to do to replicate the issue is go to the mission select screen, select a difficulty, and switch to a different mission. As long as the newly selected mission has that difficulty unlocked, the displayed challenge rating and mission prizes will be unchanged (mission names, tiers, briefings, and objectives will display as intended, however).
  24. Huggmask

    bug [V1.12D]

    Whenever I have a full auto weapon and just tap, its burst om them all, please fix this gamebreaking bug
  25. Three-Quarters Zombie

    bug [v1.12.D] Triggers not working.

    When I try to use the controller, the triggers do not work. I have tried both my steam and xbox 360 controllers with no luck.