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Found 46 results

  1. Got two issues here - I'm on the mission where you go after the Sheriff, and upon reaching this rooftop bit I got stuck because of an enemy who refused to attack me. Just kept walking in place up there, and he's too high for me to hit him. Upon attempting to back up and shoot him, I managed to get stuck as Deimos in the corner there. Can't move or dodge whatsoever. Hopefully the picture illustrates this properly. Ultimately not the biggest issue, but still annoying.
  2. Mateusz

    bug It does not go down

    Version 1.11.c,the elevator did not go down 20190217_204322.mp4
  3. thebafflingbovine

    bug Train sequence w/Gestalt

    Is the train sequence fixed yet?
  4. https://gyazo.com/11c09a95329f8b8cbb4dbac704658375 This particular corner of the Abandoned Outpost allows to you Dodge right through it and access a shortcut to hell where you will proceed to get toyed with by unknown forces! Notably unlike normal walls, this wall causes you to jitter when you walk against it. The corner on the opposite side doesn't do this. You can also throw enemies through it! So everyone can have a good time!
  5. I have noticed that the AI for my squadmate is completely broken in story mode. However, in arena mode, the AI for my teammates is actually really good. My squadmate in story mode is completely useless.
  6. This time the fan in Murder Room 1 seems to be being shifted by the corpses I'm tossing in there. One set of fan blades is tilted at a large angle from the other. I'll post a picture when I can.
  7. slam999

    bug 1.11c Mac FPS

    The game is almost unplayable on mac with frame rates hovering in the 20s just standing still in campaign mode and dipping into the 5's. Even with the res set at the absoulute lowest there is no rise in the fps.
  8. I have a few bugs to report, some of which were present in previous updates and all are related to squadmates in arena mode. Theres a bug that occurs when a squadmate is told to attack an enemy while holding the middle mouse button (to persist the command to attack enemies). When told to attack the enemy they will do so, but will not move away from the body until it either despawns or the wave ends. They will, however, continue to attack any enemies that come within range of the body. I would like to add that it looks like they are still trying to kill the body, as when they are able to start sprinting while hovering over the body, they will perform a jump kick takedown toward it. In the most recent update I have also noticed that after the body they have been trying to attack despawns, they will move in a random direction until hitting a wall, showing the "pickup weapon" command action next to their name. I have noticed that when squadmates have to follow me up certain inclines, they cannot follow until I stop moving, this happens in the large double ramps in the apartments level and on the ramp farthest from the camera in the zed rooftops level. I have not created a new savegame for the most recent update if that provides any more useful info. Let me know if you need any game files from me to track down these issues. I wish you the best of luck in fixing these issues! (Hope this format is alright, my first bug report lol)
  9. rojok

    bug [1.11b] 2 bugs

    On "Chasms" after fighting dr crackpot and attempting to get on the train the one who gets on is teleported into the void and unable to move. In the screenshot I was playing as deimos. https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1606287072 In "The Last Leg" on the ghoul boss fight I am able to take one health unit down and he jumps away and never returns, the ai constantly attacks where it was when it jumped.
  10. slam999

    bug 1.11b 2 Bugs Sleeper Labs

    1.On Sleeper Labs the bosses are incredible hard to kill even with 5+ back of the head sword combos. Sometimes it takes over 200+ strikes to take them down. 2. On the final room of the level Hank & Christ vs Tricky after the first two minute waves of enemies nothing happens, leaving the two just wandering around the room.
  11. slam999

    bug Why no more updates for mac?

    Why has the mac version of the game not been updated since 1.06?
  12. Bot_Ryan487

    bug 2 bugs i found in v1.11.a

    1. is where the turrets is not attack me or the enemy. https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1597622288 2. my game freeze in sleeping labs. https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1597605922 v1.11.a
  13. skit mänsklig

    bug Sciencetower v1.11a bug

    everything in the level itself seemed to work fine and it was awesome but when i had completed it i was in a stuck camera angle and couldn't do shit and when i tried to go back to the main menu it just gave me a black screen. (this btw is the camera angle i was talking about)
  14. skit mänsklig

    bug Tutorials bugged

    bossman just runs into a wall instead of going through the door
  15. Basically said, i go up the stairs and through the first door, get the prompt to talk with the bossman, then he just walks into the wall next to the lockers. I assume he needs to follow me through the door and use the console to open the door, but he never does this, simply just keeps on walking into the wall. This stops me from starting a new arena mode what-so-ever.
  16. giroexspress

    bug 1.10A sliding pickup bug

    Hey so for the moment never try sliding to pick up weapons cus if you hit a wall your character will seize up and become uncontrollable until they are moved in some big way (ie ragdolling or losing a corpus). this is especially infuriating with later murder room death traps especially the falling floor as you get stuck on the cover and then the quarter floor your standing on starts getting ready to fall and you gotta hope these schmucks can do enough damage to you to get free
  17. Mateusz

    bug Falling down

    Version 1.11.a,Hank,Sanford and Deimos were fell down a little 20181220_174956.mp4 20181220_174956.mp4 20181220_174956.mp4
  18. Huggmask

    bug V1.10.b arena problems

    Often in arena mode after double jumping/sliding the character freezes, will not move or do anything until loosing a health core, then it's fully playable again. Also, all my squadmates keeps throwing away all the guns I give them, I really wish they didn't ?
  19. Mateusz

    bug Shooting

    Version 1.10.b,I was not able to shoot an enemy 20181213_214333.mp4
  20. I don't think they supposed to look like this. You know guys, it would be really good if you'll make changelogs.
  21. alibabba3000

    bug Ranged Perks not working

    The perks "auto fire compensation" and "auto fire correction" are not working. Here is what happens: I buy a mod for my automatic gun, I try it out, the perks work fine (slight recoil and then none after holding down trigger). When I leave the store/mod/storage area, I try my gun and its back to before where recoil is very significant. It goes back to normal when I re-enter the store room. Video attached. But it seems to work ok when I enter a stage/match. Build: Beta 1.10 b Desktop_2018_12_06_-_16_07_03_06.mp4
  22. Is there any way to get my purchase of the pre-order back or is it lost in the void of the old Forums forever? I don't want to reclaim it Illegally once its out! my old account was: therunningman
  23. Audanti'sshitposts

    bug Diemos lives! [1.10B]

    After another attempt at grenade hopping up to some out of the way weapons and failing it I stumbled upon a rather intriguing bug. My thought process was to play the Chasm level on easy and then press K to ragdoll as I threw the grenade hoping that I might be able to control the ragdoll body in the air and angle it to the platform. Since seeing as how simply standing over the grenade or running into it were not breaking ground. The result was another failure and after the final grenade went off and stripped Deimos' last corpus block away I simply decided to quit the level and turn the game off. However, I was greeted with the sight of Deimos' empty Corpus bar after exiting the level but he was still standing when he should be dead technically. Looks like this might be a Diemos sighting. Addendum: I tried to see if Deimos still moves or is even able to be swapped to with his Corpus empty. The game does not allow this thinking he is still dead and now he is just standing in front of the Chasms level completely immobile not even able to be controlled either. The enemies also ignore him going straight for Sanford.
  24. Audanti'sshitposts

    bug Crackpot fight softlock B_1.10

    Somehow I was able to fight in such a haphazard and chaotic way that I entirely broke the end of Dr. Crackpot's fight. The first thing to happen was that Sanford died rather quickly but his body disappeared to where I have no idea. The second was that during the fight I throw a grenade and he walked over it just as it went off causing him to fly to the platform where his podium was. He ran in place and used magic and in response I used my last two grenades. He dodged the first via teleport but he was stuck in place and as he came back the second nade went off and dealt damage causing him to fall back and teleport. Which made him disappear from the game while his grunts still spawned. This was fixed by pausing then unpausing the fight causing him to be following me right alongside his men but Sanford was still not back. Third and final thing to happen was that I was able to dodge every bit of magic he threw my way and I was dealing him quite a bit of damage with one corpus remaining as Deimos. Throwing things, killing his men to regain TAC hitting him a few times then repeat. I ended up winning the fight with a lucky one shot from a sickle that I threw randomly hoping it would stick. My victory ended up being short lived as now the game is just stuck in an empty room after I killed the remaining enemies.
  25. Mateusz

    bug Still going

    v1.10.b,In Interactive Mode when changed to Bandit Brute,Bandit Brute kept walking without holding the key 20181111_212038.mp4