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  1. Let's see what happens when the MERCs and the NEXUS kicks in... Hehehehehehehe......
  2. This meme is legimately accurate lmao Especially playing in Madnes Difficulty
  3. To be honest, the yeelon minions could be the zombies and abominations, while the rest could remain untouched except for the riot guard, which could be optionally changed to an AAHW engi.
  4. Holy, this is looking sick dude, when you plan to finish it?
  5. Happy Madness Day!
    As i promised, i will post a fanfic for madness day '18, Here it is.
    Remember, i am recently starting in this kind of stuff, just tell me what i need to improve with next chapter!

    Have a murderous madness day.

  6. Hey folks! Today is my birthday, its been 14 Years since i was born and now not sure what to say! Well has you guys seen ive posted something in the 2nd of august, i have a fanfic that i will release the upcoming madness day, Once it comes out i will post a link to it.
     The adventures of John J. Wimbleton are going to start on madness day 2018!

  7. Is there any update logs for the recent new update in the game? I have checked through the Discord but i didn't saw much.
  8. "We will kick your ass!"-H.E.C.U Grunt Nice concept, the sprites are also cool, i've seen them in the madness target collab. ?
  9. Tamed zeds? sounds kinky somehow, yet it still would've cool seeing Temp allies or Friendly NPCs that help you during your fight against the nexus and the bad guys through the campaign tho.
  10. To be honest Vulture Feast playing while fighting A Employeer or The Auditor as if they were some sort of bosses during the campaign would've fitting
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