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  1. you need to Type First CD C:\Users\windows\Desktop\my mod\flasm.exe then you press Enter and then you Type flasm -d my mod.swf > my mod.txt press Enter Don't Forget to Type CD when you working on PN1 mods if your not going to Type CD this will not work
  2. make sure you not type wrong flasm -d don't type flasm-d it's not going to work keep space betwin flasm and -d
  3. in the file there is Madness Project Nexus 8.1 swf
  4. have you install Madness project nexus 1 in mediafire ?
  5. i all Really say that copy storyProgressWorld0 use your madness.txt to search storyProgressWorld you will see that text just change false to true that make all world in Storymod be Open and event you start new Game will keep world be open
  6. in madness txt file in that text you can see all PN1 world maps and there is createNew on every madness project nexus missions that have two Characters to add or delete Character you need to copy all info about Character until you see callMethod pop this is end of Character that you can delete and to add Character you will see in text call push 0.0, 'MadnessDataFile' new just copy text until you see callMethod pop then you just paste Character that you want to add in your PN1 mod you can only add 4 Characters more then 4 Characters game can't see that you add more then 4 Characters.
    1. ghastboy


      How to view the beta download in the new youtube video posted by the founder

    2. Haida


      what ?


    1. ghastboy


      Can you give me the Madness project nexus-Mods-Project Nexus Forums link ?

    2. Haida


      Madness Project Realm is dead and Madness old days is by Kumagaro not me

  7. Never Copy People PN1 mod idea and Don't Every use my PN1 mod Idea
  8. We still don't know if they going to add Steam Workshop to PN2 . if PN2 Succeed on Sale in Steam then Krinkels and Swain Will Start working on DLC and maybe they put Steam Workshop in PN2.
  9. jpexs is only can changed images you need to install Sothink SWF Decompiler this is only program can changed models and weapons. there is no other program can changed your models and weapons.
  10. open your PN1 mod File then click on your PN1 mod.text use notepad++ use ctrl+F. it's going to how you window Say Find. use this text push r:this, 'myName', 'Player' for your PN1 mod this text is for your Player in PN1 you see all info about your Player. callMethod push r:this, 'headType', 'civ' setMember push r:this, 'bodyType', 'civ' setMember push r:this, 'handType', 'civ' setMember push r:this, 'footType', 'civ' this is for custom player body that you post down at applyStats setMember push r:this, 'myMagic', 'jesus1' this i
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