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  1. Strangerj

    Steel and Dynamite [RP]

    The hallway is long, made of grey brick and lit by long, thin lights. On the right is a row of cells, four of them. Two open, one half open, and one locked shut. The other side is blank, but it feels like something should be there. Nate pokes around in one of the open cells.
  2. Strangerj

    Steel and Dynamite [RP]

    “Alright.” He grabs the crowbar, and goes over to the door. He forces it open with ease, and steps into the hallway. “Come, come. We’ve got some interesting things to find.”
  3. Strangerj

    Steel and Dynamite [RP]

    He chuckles. “Bullets kill all the same. And as for fire, it’s not going anywhere. We’d be warned about it.”
  4. Strangerj

    Steel and Dynamite [RP]

    “No, I don’t need to. You take it. Geez, seems hotter in here than when we came in.” Indeed, it’s sweltering now. Your throat seems to be dry, drier than anytime before or since. Maybe crack the door?
  5. Strangerj

    Steel and Dynamite [RP]

    Inside the box is spare riot equipment. The air seems to be heavy with heat. Loot: x4 Riotshields x4 Riot helmets x2 miniature fire extinguishers x1 crowbar
  6. Strangerj

    Steel and Dynamite [RP]

    “No, mine’s just empty.” He peers over at the crate. “....like someone lit a barrel fire. Hey, go check my box, I just got it open.”
  7. Strangerj

    Steel and Dynamite [RP]

    The crate pops open like a butter tub’s lid. Inside you find some typical police gear, all branded PACIFIC VALLEY POLICE DEPT., PROPERTY OF THE STATE OF OREGON. Nothing strange, except that most of the gear already seems damaged in some way. Vests ripped, charred, badges melted, like a fire was lit in the box itself. Residual heat, eh?
  8. Strangerj

    Steel and Dynamite [RP]

    “Trust me- it ain’t all a basket of kittens.” Nate looks over one of the crates, looking for an opening. “And if I got this from working with them, then everyone would have it.” He glances over to you and your crate. “Good luck with yours.” (Crate opening roll, you know the drill.)
  9. Strangerj

    Steel and Dynamite [RP]

    “Okay then. Stand back.” Nathaniel rolls up his sleeve, revealing bandages all the way up to the man’s shoulder. “It’s gonna get bloody.” Nathaniel observes the door for a bit, before backing up. “Ready? Good.” In the next instant, he flicks his wrist outwards, revealing some kind of sick demonic claw for a left arm. Red and black and murderous all the way through. It’s as if someone took someone’s are, painted it red, and then replaced fingers with claws, gave it some X2 size enhancement pills, and let it loose. Nathaniel starts running at the door, punching near enough to the doorknob. Lucky for him, the door shatters open, and he stumbles a bit, before sitting on the floor and ‘sheathing’ his arm. ”Welcome inside.” The back room is mostly storage, crates everywhere. You don’t see a door to the rest of the building though.
  10. Strangerj

    Steel and Dynamite [RP]

    “Good.” The two of you arrive at what appears to be a steel door, locked and very heavy. No windows seem to be reachable, even with a boost. “Got any ‘splosives?”
  11. Strangerj

    Steel and Dynamite [RP]

    The walk there is uneventful, filled with smoke and burned out rubble. Some cars line the street, abandoned and ashen. “There’s probably gonna be some bonzos in there, how should he handle ‘em?” Asks Nate. ”Same way we just did, Nat.” Nathaniel grumbles at that and continues on. Getting to the station, there are three main entrances: the front, the left, the right, and the back. Sei opts for the front, Matt the left, Eleanor the right, and Nate the back, leaving you to choose who you go with.
  12. Strangerj

    Steel and Dynamite [RP]

    “Right. Where to, bossman?” ”I guess we oughta check the police station, yeah? Set it up, forward operating base.” ”Good idea Brewster.” /Offer to take point?
  13. Strangerj

    Steel and Dynamite [RP]

    His wounds are patched up as well as can be. Sei shrugs. “Don’t know. Probably angry spirits or something.” Eleanor nods, and Matt straightens up. “Yes, yes. Most likely those who were stuck. Either here then, or here now. Let’s move.”
  14. Strangerj

    Steel and Dynamite [RP]

    (Dodge Rolls: 33, 3, 28, 15.) One of the Ashen Blades falls down, convulsing before finally dying. One of them raises his axe, and swings at Matt (76>26), who falls down clutching his side. Sei and Eleanor concentrate fire (58>29), killing the second one. Looks like none are coming now. Might want to patch Matt up, though.
  15. Strangerj

    Operation: Jupiter

    Going well. Posted a new chapter, working (sorta) on the next.