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  1. Nothing seems to jump out. The bed is a mess, nothing’s under it, nothing in the toilet. Actually... there seems to be a set of footprints, right where the cell door opens. Maybe you have to lock yourself inside?
  2. He walks over, curious. “Hm. Yeah, could be. Think it is. Check inside the cell, I’ll look around outside.”
  3. A bullet casing on the ground. Forty-five caliber. A bullet hole on the inside wall. Maybe something to do with position.
  4. Nothing. You find nothing out of the ordinary. Might want to look again, from a new angle.
  5. “Good luck. I’ll be looking as well.”
  6. Nathaniel cocks his head. “N...no. I think this was unrelated. Suicide... but no noose. Let’s look for something to tell the story.”
  7. “Don’t... call me that.” He walks over, peering over the detective’s shoulder. “Strange. Seems a bit odd. From the past to the future. What could it... hmmmm...” He stands, pondering.
  8. The paper is pristine, almost brand new. It reads: To whomever finds this note, You cannot stop it. The other side seems to be a suicide note, dated 1943. To whomever finds my body, I leave my earthly possessions to be burned with me. And I leave the mayor, Joseph Henry Allison, to burn in Hell for his sins. Daniel MacReady, 1943.
  9. (Nah.) The door creaks open, loudly, and the cell is revealed. A simple bed sits in the corner, not made for quite some time, and a sink is next to a partition for a toilet. It’s your standard 3 foot by 3 foot jail cell. Seems like something’s under the pillow.
  10. The hallway is long, made of grey brick and lit by long, thin lights. On the right is a row of cells, four of them. Two open, one half open, and one locked shut. The other side is blank, but it feels like something should be there. Nate pokes around in one of the open cells.
  11. “Alright.” He grabs the crowbar, and goes over to the door. He forces it open with ease, and steps into the hallway. “Come, come. We’ve got some interesting things to find.”
  12. He chuckles. “Bullets kill all the same. And as for fire, it’s not going anywhere. We’d be warned about it.”
  13. “No, I don’t need to. You take it. Geez, seems hotter in here than when we came in.” Indeed, it’s sweltering now. Your throat seems to be dry, drier than anytime before or since. Maybe crack the door?
  14. Inside the box is spare riot equipment. The air seems to be heavy with heat. Loot: x4 Riotshields x4 Riot helmets x2 miniature fire extinguishers x1 crowbar
  15. “No, mine’s just empty.” He peers over at the crate. “....like someone lit a barrel fire. Hey, go check my box, I just got it open.”
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