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  1. Destoguardian

    Interactive game

    both of them grab the shotgun and stab the mag in on the opening of the mask, with all of their strenght. then when they cannot insert it any further, shoot and kill the defenseless mag.
  2. Destoguardian

    Interactive game

    ask demetri if he is okay, and take the rest of the monster's armor. hive the headgear to demetri if he is alright, and take the bodywear for you. also break the monster's skull to make sure it's dead, also smash the agent's skull.
  3. Destoguardian

    Madness Project:Nexus mod Old Days

    you should replace red shades agents with black shades, and the black shades agents with elite bodyguards
  4. Destoguardian

    Madness Project nexus ModV7

    indeed it's the one the good samaritan StorySwapAsriel made
  5. Destoguardian

    Madness Project nexus ModV7

    (im sorry for explaining bad)i think you misunderstood , i already know that. i just said that you should change the default character in mod v7 so he has a normal face (with no gear). because this happens :
  6. Destoguardian

    first post, and would it have been cool to have more episodes?

    I'm not sure , the game is fine as it is...There are lots of talented fans that could make total conversions of PN1. PN1 is awesome because it looks almost exactly like a madness animation. It has an almost identical style to madness apotheosis and onward.It's magical. Or that's how I see it.
  7. Destoguardian

    Madness Project nexus ModV7

    The only think i disliked is the agent skin at the arena mode...in the .sol file the character is named "arena" too.I wonder how you did that....but whatever.You could give the character the l337 agent suit and the grunt face. So that the player may dress up his char as he likes...the atp masks looks weird with other gear on. a soldat body and a grunt face (keeping the yellow blood) would be awesome.Or better yet , a grunt with yellow blood
  8. The character's speed should be largely decreased at higher levels.....Hank in story mod moves to fast to properly manoeuvre him.