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  1. This was an old video I made like YEARS ago. You can see the Movie Maker quality, but for those of you who are missing a few less-than-obvious medals, maybe this might help?
  2. Another sample clip of a shitty meme compilation that I forgot to share.
  3. I can confirm this fact.
  4. Spirit

    Writing the War?

    I envision it as a guerilla war-styled conflict, where the A-AAHW focuses on attacking AAHW facilities in a world dominated somehow by AAHW control. However, the A-AAHW's efforts are mostly just delaying the inevitable, save for Hank, Sanford, and Deimos. They actually have the potential to shift the balance of the war by pure combat skill alone. Not sure what "resembling armies" really means, but in terms of military tactics, I always thought of the AAHW being more specialized in open spaces whereas the A-AAHW is better in closed areas. It's the only way you can really think the AAHW is a competent fighting force at all.
  5. So for those of you who don't know, I've been rewriting my first ever Madness fanfic from 2012. The rewrite as of now only has the first 18 chapters done so far, but we're really proud of the result. Even threw in some new PN2 references and stuff in the updated version too. ? Here's the two links; the first being the rewrite and the second being the original (both available for comparison) Final Salvation (Rewrite): https://www.fanfiction.net/s/12662649/1/Madness-Combat-Final-Salvation-Rewrite-Redemption Final Salvation (Completed Original): https://www.fanfiction.net/s/8425580/1/Madness-Combat-Final-Salvation-Original-2012-Version Hope you guys enjoy! Follow my topics/feed for active updates if you want to know when something new's up!
  6. Spirit

    Project Nexus 1 (Classic) All Medals

    You're right. Should've named it: "Project Nexus Classic Medals GONE WILD (COPS CALLED) 2014" while I had the chance. Thanks for the solid advice.
  7. Spirit

    Final Salvation (Rewrite + Original)

    It means a lot to hear that man. That's essentially what I wanted to set out to do from the get-go, so I'm happy to hear I'm achieving that goal so far. It's a pleasure writing for you man, thank you. ?
  8. A little sample of a bigger meme compilation I have in mind (I spent more time on this than I'd like to admit)
  9. Spirit

    bug [V1.09B] Boom factory pistons broken

    That probably wouldn't fix much anyways. Swain is aware of the issue and it'll likely be fixed in the next update, I'm sure.
  10. Chapter 55's finally done... part I, that is. Part II still under works at 2,700 words, but I'm still super proud of this one. Hope those of you who're reading my stuff enjoy!


  11. Happy Madness Day, you crazy motherfuckers!

    Still workin' on my own chapter for today; hopefully will get it done by tonight. For now, have a dumb Carlos until then~.


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      Makes me moist.

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      @Seancglover Moist reaction on forums when?

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      That kid's face looks like he swiped someone's bubblegum package in public and got away with it.

  12. Spirit

    My boy, my man Jestin

    Jestin the Chainsaw Jester.
  13. Spirit


    From what I heard, Cheshyre is definitely still making music for the game, with all-new soundtracks! Locknar (Devin Martin) will be helping out too in the soundtrack department!
  14. Spirit

    Final Salvation (Rewrite + Original)

    And I still remember your reviews supporting me on my stories. Thank you so much; I hope you stick around for the rest of the series if you haven't dropped it already. Comments like yours mean the world to me. ?
  15. Spirit

    legit thought everyone died

  16. Spirit

    Is the Game Free?

    As stated many times before by Sean, the game will NOT be free on Steam when it's completed. After 6 years of development, the game will most likely be available for 15 dollars.
  17. Spirit

    Hofnarr Fast Sketch.png

    That is an awesome Hoffnar design! Well done! ?
  18. Only 'cause you made it be. Saw another game developer pretty much do nothing for like 4 years because of Flash limitations. Great work and mad respect. ?
  19. Spirit

    Favorite/Least Favorite Arena Stage?

    I don't think so. I think it's more of a balancing issue with the shotguns as well as what types of enemies are popping up at once for the players to engage with. Like, if none of these enemies had shotguns, the difficulty immediately decreases by like a fifth. But yes, it's still absurdly hard, even with 95% of my skill tree finished. Also, featuring your post due to its usefulness to the Devs. Well done, keep at it. ?
  20. Spirit

    What's Your Favorite Music Track From PN2?

    YES! They'd even make the zombie battles exciting even after you've gotten used to it!
  21. Spirit

    9th Of August 2018

    Got it. Thanks!
  22. Spirit

    non-madness Fictions?

    True. What about just one section in the Vault called: "Non-Madness Content" then? With the description being: "Anything not Madness related (literature, art, music, videos, etc.) can be shared here."
  23. Spirit

    9th Of August 2018

    That definitely makes it better, but I still don't like the fact that every single reply has its own column. It would be a lot more convenient if just the post itself was present and whether or not an unread reply was posted since it was last checked by me.