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  1. Hank: Performs 10000% Accuracy shot

    Professor: Cracks knuckles and casually gives the middle finger to the laws of physics; Matrix-dodges bullet

    Professor: Umad, terrorist?

    1. Spirit


      No fucks given in Nevada.

    2. ColonelPKA


      Implying there's any fucks given in a state that taxes people for driving.

  2. I envision it as a guerilla war-styled conflict, where the A-AAHW focuses on attacking AAHW facilities in a world dominated somehow by AAHW control. However, the A-AAHW's efforts are mostly just delaying the inevitable, save for Hank, Sanford, and Deimos. They actually have the potential to shift the balance of the war by pure combat skill alone. Not sure what "resembling armies" really means, but in terms of military tactics, I always thought of the AAHW being more specialized in open spaces whereas the A-AAHW is better in closed areas. It's the only way you can really think the AAHW is
  3. Another sample clip of a shitty meme compilation that I forgot to share.
  4. You're right. Should've named it: "Project Nexus Classic Medals GONE WILD (COPS CALLED) 2014" while I had the chance. Thanks for the solid advice.
  5. It means a lot to hear that man. That's essentially what I wanted to set out to do from the get-go, so I'm happy to hear I'm achieving that goal so far. It's a pleasure writing for you man, thank you. ?
  6. That probably wouldn't fix much anyways. Swain is aware of the issue and it'll likely be fixed in the next update, I'm sure.
  7. Chapter 55's finally done... part I, that is. Part II still under works at 2,700 words, but I'm still super proud of this one. Hope those of you who're reading my stuff enjoy!


  8. Happy Madness Day, you crazy motherfuckers!

    Still workin' on my own chapter for today; hopefully will get it done by tonight. For now, have a dumb Carlos until then~.


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    2. Seancglover


      Makes me moist.

    3. Spirit


      @Seancglover Moist reaction on forums when?

    4. ColonelPKA


      That kid's face looks like he swiped someone's bubblegum package in public and got away with it.

  9. Jestin the Chainsaw Jester.
  10. Spirit


    From what I heard, Cheshyre is definitely still making music for the game, with all-new soundtracks! Locknar (Devin Martin) will be helping out too in the soundtrack department!
  11. And I still remember your reviews supporting me on my stories. Thank you so much; I hope you stick around for the rest of the series if you haven't dropped it already. Comments like yours mean the world to me. ?
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