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  1. deadstroyer

    apotheosis skills

    yea but i'm pretty sure they said Zed Survival isn't gonna be in the game when it fully releases. The story mode is almost done so i just wanna know if these things are gonna be added soon as the game is nearing completion.
  2. deadstroyer

    apotheosis skills

    are they gonna be added once story mode is finished up? and what about the "proficiency" and "extension"? and how are you going to unlock these?
  3. deadstroyer

    bug [1.11b] 2 bugs

    maybe they fixed it. when did you play it?
  4. deadstroyer

    Does anyone know how to get the chainsaw?

    i'm pretty sure a chainsaw spawns in a trash can on the 3rd level of the residential area in story mode.
  5. deadstroyer

    bug [1.11b] 2 bugs

    is the turret part not bugged for you on "the last leg"?
  6. deadstroyer

    bug 2 bugs i found in v1.11.a

    yea, i think there's something messed up with the turrets. my game froze too when i got to the part with the turret in "the last leg" mission.