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  1. shit, nice work man, any more progress on it?
  2. oh lol, continue it if you want too, it'd be cool to see.
  3. Shit dude glad to see you're still posting here, Great artwork! The only gripe I can think of is the feet which look kind of odd with the stumps, But that's all.
  4. I literally have no idea how to mod M:PN but I support this idea, I love that series.
  5. That looks freakin' amazing, Nice work dude. Looking forward to seeing more from you!
  6. Eh, I guess so, but only if you maxed all your armour and shit like that though.
  7. Why drop a few thousand on a fancy new gun when you could just launch up a level on a medium-high difficultly and kill someone with the same gun and steal his? (exception is LMGs and shit like that, since I'm pretty sure you can't actually find them in any of the levels) Do you agree or disagree?
  8. I'm posting here one last time for some closure. I've lost practically all interest in this project in the months gone by and its gotten boring and tedious for me to create. I'm no longer working on this, If anyone still cares about this, sorry. Ever since I started I've had no idea what I was doing, I had no story and made it up as I went, and I frankly had no idea what to do with this whole story. If anyone wants they can continue this shit show, don't know why you would want too, but you can if you wish, I'd probably read it. There's still a tiny slim chance I might come back to this,
  9. With your last two bullets you aim for the chest of the person you've been trying to kill and fire, both shots hit him directly in the chest causing him to fall over unconscious, one out of the two others start to drag the body off to the side to give medical attention. the other one continues to fire before reloading. What do you do?
  10. You switch to your Five-seveN and start to aim at the soft spot of the man with the rifle (which is his head since he's literally wearing no armour) and fire, you end up missing 2 shots but you scrape his head again, but just by looking it doesn't look very deep.
  11. Nah, that'd be a bit stupid if It did in my opinion
  12. You try to shout "You picked the wrong guy to shoot, motherfuckers!" in the most intimidating voice you can manage, but you end up sounding like a stuttering confused mess, they chuckle then continue to fire hot lead at you. You fire your last two bullets at the one holding some sort of assault rifle you've never seen before, it only ends up scraping his head but at least the scrape looks deep? what do you do next? (Sorry for really late response, won't happen again, I think?)
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