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  1. dempsy18

    Buying guns in arena mode are such massive scams

    Eh, I guess so, but only if you maxed all your armour and shit like that though.
  2. Why drop a few thousand on a fancy new gun when you could just launch up a level on a medium-high difficultly and kill someone with the same gun and steal his? (exception is LMGs and shit like that, since I'm pretty sure you can't actually find them in any of the levels) Do you agree or disagree?
  3. dempsy18

    Interactive game

    I'm posting here one last time for some closure. I've lost practically all interest in this project in the months gone by and its gotten boring and tedious for me to create. I'm no longer working on this, If anyone still cares about this, sorry. Ever since I started I've had no idea what I was doing, I had no story and made it up as I went, and I frankly had no idea what to do with this whole story. If anyone wants they can continue this shit show, don't know why you would want too, but you can if you wish, I'd probably read it. There's still a tiny slim chance I might come back to this, but most likely not. That's it, cya.
  4. dempsy18

    Interactive game

    With your last two bullets you aim for the chest of the person you've been trying to kill and fire, both shots hit him directly in the chest causing him to fall over unconscious, one out of the two others start to drag the body off to the side to give medical attention. the other one continues to fire before reloading. What do you do?
  5. dempsy18

    Interactive game

    You switch to your Five-seveN and start to aim at the soft spot of the man with the rifle (which is his head since he's literally wearing no armour) and fire, you end up missing 2 shots but you scrape his head again, but just by looking it doesn't look very deep.
  6. dempsy18

    Interactive game

    Nah, that'd be a bit stupid if It did in my opinion
  7. dempsy18

    Interactive game

    You try to shout "You picked the wrong guy to shoot, motherfuckers!" in the most intimidating voice you can manage, but you end up sounding like a stuttering confused mess, they chuckle then continue to fire hot lead at you. You fire your last two bullets at the one holding some sort of assault rifle you've never seen before, it only ends up scraping his head but at least the scrape looks deep? what do you do next? (Sorry for really late response, won't happen again, I think?)
  8. dempsy18

    Interactive game

    I put together both your suggestions, since Colonel is right about two-handed weapons I made it so you just put it in your inventory. You quickly set your five seven down and quickly pick up the shotgun on the corpse next to you, its a bit of a struggle but you get it and put it away since you can't use a shotgun with one hand. (To clarify you can HOLD a two handed weapon with one hand but you can't use it in any capacity) you also toss away the pistol with no ammo. You switch to your Deagle and start firing at them, you see one of them yell "I'm hit!" you see two other people aim at you and start firing What do you do next? (Edit: Glitch with the five seven ammo counter, oops)
  9. dempsy18

    Interactive game

    You grab the corpse next to you and you use it as a shield. What do you do next?
  10. dempsy18

    Interactive game

    Perfect 99, Lucky. You and Demetri simultaneously take cover against the wall, you shove the corpse and prepare for a combat engagement. (even with a 99 I don't really know what to change) What do you do next?
  11. dempsy18

    Interactive game

    I decided that I needed to spice up this Interactive game! so I've created some more interesting features so its not just "Inventory" and that's it. Alright first new feature is.... Carrying Capacity! This makes it so you can't just go around with 50 guns all at once without some sort of Carrying equipment, there's certain limits on how much you can hold, and you can see the limits at the bottom left, Small, Heavy, and Medium objects generally mean what it says on the tin, if the object you're intending to carry is generally large it would be classified as Heavy, if its tiny than its classified as small. Medium objects are in between Heavy and Small objects. You can upgrade your storage by finding carrying equipment, if you find any it will be shown under "Current Storage Item", I'm also open to suggestions about the limits of what you can hold, as I'm not really confident on how it is now. Health! You can now see how close your character is too death by looking at the "HP" bar, you can also see our friend Demetri's HP under the "D.HP" bar. Armour Weight! Every piece of Armour now has a certain value that determines on how Heavy it is, so you can't just go around in a full body Titanium suit, the value is named "Armour Weight" and can be found next to the piece of Armour, Currently the max is 100 Weight, but I'll be making someway to increase that value. Generally the higher the Weight value means the better the Armour blocks damage, so a 40 Weight helmet would block bullets better than a 5 Weight baseball cap, oh and the more Weight it has also means it has higher Durability (See below). I'll be potentially making it possible to go over your max Weight value and there being a consequence for it but I don't want this to get overly complicated. Durability! Every piece of Armour you equip now has Durability, If the Armour gets hit or shot at it will loose Durability until it ends up breaking. The more damage a gun does the more Durability is taken off. The Durability stat is found next to your piece of Armour and has been shorten to "DUR" Status! all this really does is tell you how our main character Jeremey is doing, if he for example got hit at a few times it'd say something like "Hurt", if Jeremey is feeling a strong emotion such as Fear or something along the lines it'd might say "Hurt, Scared". Equip! all this does is tells you what Jeremey is holding in his hands. Oh and every new post will have the provided UI picture in it, so you can always check on it after a post to check on your ammo, Armour, etc.
  12. On the level "Flood Control" in this one certain room if you try and go through the door after killing all the enemies your game softlocks basically inside of the door I have no idea why or how this occurs but It happens everytime I try and finish the level. (its the room where 3 guys are walking in a straight line at the start and 3 other guys doing a ritual) 2019-11-03 12-04-41.mp4
  13. dempsy18


    oh my god guys, he's deeeaddddd
  14. dempsy18

    Interactive game

    I'm back, after what is it? like 5 months? either way I'm probably back for good? I think so anyways. I'm going to start trying a lot harder on improving this Interactive game, I'm all making this up as I go mind you so I don't know whats going to happen either. Alright enough blabble here's the next part. I flipped a Coin between Gabe and Desto (Tails Gabe, Heads Desto) I got Tails. You decide to conserve your ammo and find somewhere to get supplies to kill the MAG without wasting your ammo, after taking a look around you see a slight piece of a building in the distance "Demetri I see a building in the distance, follow me!" you say "Why aren't we finishing off the MAG before he gets back up!?" he says back to you in a nervous voice "We don't have ammo to waste, let's go!" you reply as you start running towards the building, Demetri takes a glance back at the MAG than back at you and starts running as well. You eventually get close enough to the building to see that a large chunk of the wall is blown off and surrounding it is 3 dead corpses, You start to wonder what happened here but you're interrupted by a sequence of 4 gun shots soundeing like a rifle of some kind coming from inside of the wall "Shit". What do you do?
  15. dempsy18

    Interactive game

    I'm not dead yet, just hibernating. expect more kinda soon I guess sometime