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  1. Updating sprites. And thanks god for that.Cursed.thumb.png.6124d73187216a50102137cab99c9bca.png

  2. We prefer to not rely on allies. History already teached us that we can't rely on allies. We have, but we don't consider them as "important subject". Our strenght is in our own moral and technology, not by power of our allies.
  3. I see you have so many enemies over there.
  4. This faction can be easly destroyed by simple missles blast... minimal dangerous.
  5. I might want re-design some sprites of my cursed's army.

    Some stuff are old and need to be remake.

  6. About damn time... Sha-klicha (Soul collectors) - A race of multidimensional beings, created with first "living races", when time had been created. They have born with the first light of existences, when their bodies turn into crystals. They all called themselves an "essence of great architect". They aren't gods, however many late aliens civilizations called them like that. They were (and maybe... are) everywhere. Their eyes once looked into every corner of the universe. They have all once purpose: Grow up, become stronger by consuming more and more essence of living creatures. They
  7. I will not combine anything. End of topic about combining.
  8. Well... Ogres aren't a "faction" It's a "compromiss" between mystics and... some of freaks (To create a abomination) Morana beasts... No one from mystics and freaks can have even an access to morana beasts (they are controlled only by inquisition or grim society)
  9. Can't happen. Jarowit's followers hate magic, they are bloodlust warriors. They concider mystics (And many of curserd's army) as a cowards. Mystics concider jarowit's followers as a filthy brutes.
  10. You already said a reason why N51 are enemies. AAMO is another A.A.H.W... And that's why they need to be perished. They can be well trained and equipped; We already fought with much more advanced enemies. Our soldiers don't afraid to die, neither we, our hellfire rockets will cover a sky, skułas parasites will find a new host, I will even summon a most disturbing and devastating minions of Veles, if I will have to. Beside... We poles love taking risks. Besides, look at a reward of such "way". When we will get a even a small piece of knowledge that A.A.M.O scientists have, we will be able
  11. You mean mixing javorit's followers with mystics ?
  12. http://half-life.wikia.com/wiki/Hazardous_Environment_Combat_Unit
  13. Well, if we use a reference to warhammer 40k(with i really love, same with warhammer fantasy)... then why not use an eye of terror against them ?
  14. Well well well. I need admit, this faction seem very nice, i like concept of it and i like these sprites... God damn it man, these sprites are so good (I got boner when i saw them) You guys really make a good job with these sprites
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