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  1. Thanks! I actually retried remembering my forgotten password way too many times in a row instead of just resetting it and the site or server code must have recognized it as something bad. Cool seeing you back, and have a pretty good one yourself!
  2. Expanding on blocking / timed blocking / riposting ideas here to ensure the mechanic is neither redundant, useless, overpowered, or absolutely necessary. Also introducing a guard meter for limiting blocking, and probably even a second tactics meter for tac-dodging melee attacks. If you're surrounded by 2 or 3 Soldats, this system ensures you only have to do a timed block on one of them to take the rest out easily. ------------ Essentially: Guard meter, two separate tac-bars - Melee and Bullet/Ranged based (you could call these 'Slip' and 'Weave' or anything, and make 'Slip' and
  3. [Edited because I confused the Riposte mechanic with the Parrying mechanic. Will delete this thread if it's totally useless, and trying to figure out this game is a maze for me.] Hey friends. Any suggestions on this? Idea's to make game more tactical than spammy of course. I think it's mainly just a slightly changed riposting mechanic that could be used because all the other timed / aimed stuff seems about equal in effectiveness while having different uses. (Aimed would be throwing a weapon). Here's mine: ----- Blocking puts you in a 'riposte state' that lets you tac-bar
  4. Edit: See the bottom paragraph of this post for my most deep and rational analysis of this move and its relation to the game. I swear, the game could be twice as hard and heart pumping, like it was before, if it has an option to be a timed thing again. The game advertised a lot of difficulty it's suddenly missing now, and instead of cheesing toward an enemy armed with a gun while you don't have one, you'd have to do some creative skilled move like aim and throw your weapon at him or run around his shots, or just snap again but this time it's a skilled move, etcetera. It was fun difficulty
  5. I just recently re-played Inner City (3-1) while barely snap-dodging at all (but only won it on Easy), and found it way more fun than replaying Climb! normally. I feel like this needs to be a toggle-able difficulty option, because I had to look around the screen and focus on playing the game more instead of easily sliding away from dangers in my immediate surroundings, and there are way more offensive choices than dodges (and there's probably more incentive to block). The timed snap-dodge (the harder to time one) was probably really good, and what's current feels much like you're ju
  6. A cutscene that plays around the first time you enter overworld 6 in Story seems bugged. (might add more to this comment at later dates).
  7. Almost forgot to mention the screen cutting off early at some resolutions, making you guess what you need to see at some side edges. Don't know whether or not windowed mode effects this. Also, Hank's movement glitches into autopilot when taking the last lift at the partner splitting phase of Climb! You have to inch your way through it and wait until the script is satisfied while he moves into danger. Also, if you get stuck on cover you're trying to climb over and it holds you in place instead, you have to press the interact button to use it, then exit cover to regain movement control
  8. Here's some bugs I found remaining, and old ones I didn't check now but forgot to mention before. -Sheriff Boss Cutscene: Either it happens if you skip the dialog too fast, or when you replay the level after beating it a first time. Instead of hiding behind the second set of sandbags, he remains in front and invulnerable, increasing the difficulty of the second set of charges you have to plant. -A12 (A Tec 12 shotgun, I think?) in Deep Storage: Before climbing the stairs, using the lift, and hitting the big room that serves as an arena, being near / picking up the shotgun in this loc
  9. (Very very late edit: The recent great lack of difficulty might also mostly come from the now easier to use / time Snap-Dodges, as playing without doing them much comes with a much more demanding situation processing and learning curve, and the safety from it overshadows the fun in mastering of the rest of the gameplay per level .This part gets complicated. There's an addictive high level of play a new player into really hardcore games might find in mastering the core game loop at its hardest (currently harder than the hardest mode presented) (that some people who have already played lots may
  10. Edit: I now consider some or a lot of this long post to be outdated, as I now attribute a lot of the lowering of 'fun high difficulty' with the current gameplay balance to the snap-dodge being too easy to use currently (which might work for easier modes or options as long as there's enough incentive to play it harder, as hardcore / difficulty enjoying consumers might have been some of the people this game was going for). As a move that was useful even when it was difficult, being extremely useful now means it replaces a lot of situations where you have consider doing something else, and doing
  11. Maybe there's a small chance if I get more confident at actually writing story and making art assets for it. I also still don't know how coding the physical bounding boxes for rooms works. I've always wanted to make fan content for the Madness universe though.
  12. I just added a probably overdue even easier version (or less impossible) to that same Game Jolt link if anyone's still interested. I wonder if that makes it better or worse. File's the same name, so it's easy to keep old saved data by dragging it in the same folder as the last one and replacing it. There's some variables and checks for different throwing distances and chances that I put around the weapons stats list (at the top or bottom of the list), and around a check for Sanford's hook. I reduced one of those, and enemy aim for the other file I just put in. Maybe it's playable for m
  13. I know this is really late, but I just really enjoyed the harder to time snap-dodges, since they were usually more useful than Iframe ones. The game's really late into development by now, and the new system makes them both easy to pull off and combined more often, but it would be cool to have an option that toggles the old usage back on. Plus, the freedom to flip around anywhere was cool. One can dream. I also liked pick up weapon with a free hand only, purely for the difficulty, as silly, backwards and less free as that sounds, but I don't think anyone else would. This is still one of th
  14. I know it's a little late, but I since I've been playing for awhile I figured my list might be of use. Gun reloads take longer when transitioning between moving and stationary animations due to the reload animation or parts of it resetting. (wasn't a huge personal problem since I always like more difficulty). The tram from overworld 2 (the industrial sector) only moves forth if you've just completed level 2-3. You have to save progress by moving to 3-1, then exiting or completing the level. Going back on the tram, and / or forward the next time you enter the industrial sector or relo
  15. Just gotta learn enough of it to beat the dice-rolls. Easy doesn't add ammo or take anything away from the expereince, you just replenish 4x more health than Normal and 8x more than Hard, but it's still random when you do. I guess I also tried setting things up like a spectacle fighter, and I don't know if anyone besides me has adapted to all the mechanics. Running out of ammo can even slow enemy aim. Just like PN2, harder modes usually means rushing the map faster by using more skill. I also forgot to mention that if you enter a door at the same time Sanford throws his ho
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