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  1. Hello developers, I have some questions about the directions of the game! (mosly arena mode) Are you going to make the weapon customisation more advanced? Like if you would be able to choose what parts you want to put on the gun and what not. And will we be able to control the squad a bit more? Not take over a squad member, but have the ability to choose what kind of weapons they throw away, pick up etc.. That would really be a upgrade to arena mode. More questions are coming, since we dont have the finished game yet, I thought I could atleast ask you what its gonna be like. pea
  2. Will bring some screenshots in the next couple of days, video is not optional unless you want potato quality from my phone!
  3. Nah I dont think its bad, just making suggestions about what I think should be added etc, cant wait for some more arena updates ;D
  4. The front of the weapon is changing size when I equip the weapon I have taken from my stash, this does not happen to shotguns or handguns.
  5. So I get like 11 extra mags for the ARs, thats 360 total ammo, with the M249 you only get 1 more. I feel like with the high price of it and considering all you want to do with that weapon is just spray'n'pray the ammo is not enough, or is it just me?
  6. Some bolt action weps would be nice, like kar98k, M40A1-2-3 or similar weapons
  7. Whenever I have a full auto weapon and just tap, its burst om them all, please fix this gamebreaking bug
  8. I forgot to mention that the double jumping/sliding bug also happens to the squadmates, they just stand there and cant be controlled until loosing a core aswell.
  9. Often in arena mode after double jumping/sliding the character freezes, will not move or do anything until loosing a health core, then it's fully playable again. Also, all my squadmates keeps throwing away all the guns I give them, I really wish they didn't ?
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