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    Firearms you'd like to see in the project nexus

    mossberg 500, there is a lack of pump action shotguns
  3. AppleWithNoArms

    Controller isn't working right

    I've plugged in my controller and everything is working right (aiming, movement, switching weapons, buttons ect.) besides the triggers, I can't fire guns or swing melee weapons (I've rebound them to the bumpers, X, Y, still doesn't work for whatever reason) so I've come here to get an answer because I don't know why it's not working. Not the controller because I own multiple controllers and I've plugged them in and the result is still the same.
  4. AppleWithNoArms

    bug [Beta 1.13.a] No extra magazines

    For some reason when you have a gun now, you'll get your ammo refilled but you won't get extra magazines to reload the gun, even with the ammo belt and ammo backpack you won't get extra magazines. That is if you have your gun is your active weapon when starting a mission, for some reason if it isn't your active gun it does give extra magazines. I'm not sure why this, but y'know thought I'd let you know.
  5. AppleWithNoArms

    Having trouble with difficulty

    Huh I didn't know this. Thank you.
  6. AppleWithNoArms

    Dead Rising 2

    My favorite game is Dead Rising 2, I loved the first one it was a REALLY good game. However I liked the 2nd one a lot more mostly because of multiplayer and the memories of playing with friends and doing fun and creative ways of killing zombies. Me and a couple of friends used to go around the Silver strip and Palisades mall and see if we can kill all the zombies in those sections, we never actually managed to kill all of them but it was really fun! So yeah, this is my favorite game because of good memories, generally fun game play and a stupid ass story.
  7. AppleWithNoArms

    Having trouble with difficulty

    I have no idea of how to get party members, I've never encountered one in my 58 hours of playing
  8. AppleWithNoArms

    Having trouble with difficulty

    Hello! I haven't talked on this forum in a while, however I'm having trouble with difficulty. I'm currently at Club Advert and I can't beat it, and every time I die I have to buy whatever is in the shop and do a mission or 2 for a weapon I need / like just to have another shot at it. I've been trying to level up for some better equipment in the shops or for upgraded stats for a chance, but I always die to those large guys with sledgehammers. I've tried to the 2 other missions in this branch and I still haven't been able to pass (with outbreak i just get ganged and die, the northvadan pole i have the same issues with) so I want to know what the best course of action is, should I level up more? Or something else? (to note something, i suck at video games so it might just be with me not understanding simple game mechanics, also stats)
  9. AppleWithNoArms

    Does anyone know how to get the chainsaw?

    Welp. That Answers my question.
  10. AppleWithNoArms

    Does anyone know how to get the chainsaw?

    Thanks anyways.
  11. AppleWithNoArms

    Does anyone know how to get the chainsaw?

    I've been playing madness project nexus 2 for about 10 days now. I wanna know how to get the chainsaw, I've done most missions on Hard mode but I haven't unlocked it yet.