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  1. Mr.Krinkels

    Firearms you'd like to see in the project nexus

    Yes, but they will hold them with one hand if they're dual wielding.
  2. Mr.Krinkels

    Firearms you'd like to see in the project nexus

    Weapon list? I can try; pistols NPK 380 (ppk clone) BNP 9mm (browning hp clone) NK45 .45 (h&k mark 45 clone) NN57 5.7mm (fn five seven clone) NS19 10mm (glock clone) Otis33 380 (ots-33 clone) N911 .45 (1911 clone) N9011 .460 magnum (fictional heavy magnum) Deagle .50 AE revolvers BM38 .38 BM44 .44 magnum FN59 9mm N500 .500 Magnum Nex410 .410 shotshell smgs Bizon .380 Mac11 .380 NP5 9mm. (mp5 clone) NS-v10 10mm (kriss vector clone) P90 5.7mm SToMP 9mm (tmp clone) T9 9mm (tec 9 clone) Thompson .45 Uzi 9mm shotguns Autour 12 (spas12 clone) Chop Pump 5 (mossberg 590 clone) Double Hunter Nev Blaster (street sweeper clone) Nev Dozer (aa12 clone) Nevadean Defense (liberator shotgun clone) Quad Hunter Reaper 410 (fictional double barrel shotgun) Ultralight (fictional single barrel shotgun) rifles AN-15 5.56 (ar-15 clone) AN-47 7.62x39 (akm clone) BR7 5.56 (steyr aug clone) FMS 5.56 (famas clone) FNC 5.56 MercH 5.56 (fictional) MercL 9mm (fictional) MercS200 7.62x51 (intervention snipers rifle) NG762 7.62x39 (g36 clone) NK33 5.56(h&k m33) V55 9x39mm (vss clone) heavy rifles BAR 7.62x51 NFAL 7.62x51 (fal clones) SCARN 7.62x51 (scar h clone) BREN 7.62x51 LMGS M60 7.62x51 M249 5.56 PKM 7.62x51 other heavy Firebug Flamethrower Fourpack launcher M32 Mhati999 Minihun NevadeanZooker 20 shot M79 Laser/dissonance Nexus laser pistolette Nexus laser carbine Nexus laser rifle Nexus Heavy laser rifle Dissonance Lancer cannon Dissonance Scatter Cannon Dissonance Heavy Canon There's a few missing, I'm sure, but that's most of them. Also edited to help identify what many guns are based on.
  3. Mr.Krinkels

    Just some questions

    Correct. We have aspirations beyond that, but it's all based on how well the game sells out the gate.
  4. Mr.Krinkels

    Change the realease date on steam.

    Absolutely correct, friend. I'd hate to throw out another release date because given the pattern the universe would cause us to just slide past that on principal. SO we're going to continue grinding this stone until it's ready. It's painful, but we're going to make it.
  5. Mr.Krinkels

    The Moment You Have All Been Waiting For! Update 1.13 a!

    Hold shift and press space to activate the big dodge.
  6. Mr.Krinkels

    The Moment You Have All Been Waiting For! Update 1.13 a!

    Time your blocks or scoot dodges to get out of stunlocking, we're toying with the window of opportunity required to escape it, but it is present in the game. Mashing will not work.
  7. Mr.Krinkels

    Just some questions

    Before Arena can be considered 'done' full weapon customization will absolutely be a thing. The random roulette workstation is a long tired proof of function. Weaponry preferences already exist for enemies during the story campaign, plugging that into Arena isn't going to be a huge leap.
  8. Mr.Krinkels

    I think Flood Control is awful

    Posts like these are delicious. Thanks for recording your thoughts on this stage for us to read over. Also you're probably not an idiot.
  9. Mr.Krinkels

    how much will early access cost?

    We're skipping early access. Game'll be 20-30USD, maybe 1000 (what it's worth) We've spent an enormous amount of time chocking it full of content, had we released what we had 3 years ago, sure, it'd be cheaper, but it'd be so much worse off for it.
  10. Mr.Krinkels

    Weapon Table (Beta v1.07a)

    Gangrene, from the discord channel, put together this tier list of all the firearms (with relation to their viability in Story mode), and between this chart and this tier list I've got a nice clean look at these weapons. Thanks chaps.
  11. Mr.Krinkels


    Bandits are animals, yes. but chances are, no. I don't like shooting dogs in games and I don't want this to be a game where that happens.
  12. the minigun is designed to be OP, so that ain't getting touched. Frankly I feel it's less a matter of making the burst relative to the size of the magazine (a good example of this is the merc L rifle, whose efficacy is really limited in the best way by the bursting. It's designed to be inferior to other, more robust weapon systems so that the continuum of firepower can feel broader)
  13. Mr.Krinkels

    Endless Arena Mode?

    Endless arena mode is definitely getting integrated into Arena when we get back to nailing that beast to the ground. Half because a deathmarch is the best way to run Arena mode and half because hand-crafting waves for every stage at every difficulty is arduous, and pointlessly taxing. We've gotten on paper how we will be running it and it's just a matter of time.
  14. We got an idea for changing it from burst to single via weapon modding; an arena thing, but hey we're sizing up tweaks as we get this game where it needs to be. Big thanks for all the input, of course.
  15. That is a fair point. They can really clump up on you. I'm stickynoting more guns, again.