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  1. Bot Gabe

    So , How's the game?

    Is there any way we can buy the game faster , or just in the early access live. Is there a date when the game will be released , or a approximate date , like , in december , or november , or february or something? The game is really cool , everybody wants to play it but there is still a lot of time until its done ?
  2. Bot Gabe

    So , How's the game?

    I dont have the game tho , i just wait it to come on steam in early access , which will be very soon , as Krinkles and The Swain said , but i still want to know, is the campaign awesome? And how's the arena mode. Do you get bored after some time playing , or its just cooler to unlock new levels and weapons? I can't wait for the game to be released , even if it's in one or two months. I just hope i , we can enjoy the game. All the persons who don't have the game are waiting , and we can't believe you guys are doing such a great work with this game. 4 years of making a game. I think it will be the best game i've ever played...