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  1. Cousin Vinnie

    non-madness Fictions?

    Are we allowed to post non-madness fictions or is that for another page? I have a lot of original content I want to work on, and I was wondering if you guys would be interested.
  2. Cousin Vinnie

    4 Dudes 1 Sword ;)

    Very nice, now, i'm not animator but I think the fluidity of the animation could use some work. Keep practicing and remember, have fun with it!
  3. Cousin Vinnie

    Hank's Legacy

    Aw. hope you guys get around to finishing it. Can't wait!
  4. Cousin Vinnie

    The Think Tank

    *You find this email on your personal computer* To the inhabitants of Nevada, we are the Think Tank. A haven for what remains of the finest minds of the A.A.H.W.-S.B. and Nexus core, come together to study and synthesize countermeasures to the various anomalies and inhabitants of Nevada. Our end goal is to give the non hostile populace of Nevada a better understanding of the world around them and provide them with the knowledge necessary to avoid or deal with the growing threats facing the Nevadan wasteland today. We are but small team of scientists working from an undisclosed location. Our team is small but our resources far exceed that. Getting to the point, the Tank requires field agents to study and catalog the happenings around Nevada. You will be payed handsomely for performing various tasks that we set out for you. These tasks vary from standard field study to retrieving items or personnel of great importance. Your pay will depend upon the job you are given. To all who wish to join the cause, forward this email with your name, reference and contact information. Fellow scientists are also welcome to join the cause. Good hunting, gents. Dr. F.
  5. Cousin Vinnie

    Hank's Legacy

    Wait, there was a web comic on this!? Shit! Hit me up!
  6. Cousin Vinnie

    rip the old interactive on this part of the forums

    Unfortunate, but I hope he's happy where he is. I've got college to think about too.
  7. Cousin Vinnie

    legit thought everyone died

    Nope. We alive. Just migrated to discord. Welcome back, mate.
  8. Cousin Vinnie

    First topic weapon

    No, Burrito > Taco
  9. Cousin Vinnie

    rip the old interactive on this part of the forums

    Mech might still be active. If we can get a hold of him.