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  1. giroexspress

    MPN2 x MPN

    I personally hope that upon like 90-99% completion MPN2 will have all the weapons and costumes from MPN as well as more color variants of clothing. if not a full blown customization color version for the more flashy outfits and accessories then maybe variants with colors from RGB to CMY
  2. giroexspress

    bug 1.10A sliding pickup bug

    hey just wanted to let everyone know the sliding weapon pickup is still broken in arena gameplay
  3. giroexspress

    Does anyone know how to get the chainsaw?

    actual i had two characters in arena one i grinded and one i cheated with. you need almost all the perks to get the high end stuff like the chainsaw or minigun it takes forever but you need almost max level then it should show up cus in my experience the higher your 'level' the better the store gets.
  4. giroexspress

    bug Still going

    ok 1:thanks for posting the change log couldnt find it to save my life and 2: again one of the last things i said was that you are saying things about this situation that anyone with two brain-cells to rub together would understand but at the end of the day i came for character customization and when an update for the game breaks the flow of what i came to play (ie the bug were when you try to do the 'slide grab' weapon pickup you get frozen in place and cant move until you get blasted by an explosive, lose a corpus, or get heavy hit on your back by a mag agent) also you cant counter my 'i came for the arena' because I CAME FOR THE ARENA i am talking about things that affect parts of the game im interested in and while i know THEY WILL FIX MANY OF THESE BUGS EITHER AFTER THEY FINISH THE STORY OR AFTER ITS RELEASE but that ist making this go away and every problem i find is another one they need to fix. i dont expect them to pull money out of a hat i fuckin waited this long for yellow fuckin glasses and leather shoulder pads to make my character look like trash i can wait for the game to be finished but that aint gonna stop me from talking about things that are wrong/bizarre/not to my liking. also nothing is stopping me from playing arena its the fact that because i got all the perks for weapon pickups if a gun is 0.23cm outside a nebulous zone around my character he will powerslide over to it and pick it up and as of 1.10a&b thats an instant 'lose a life' so i have to break up the action to tip-toe over to the right weapon making sure not to fuckup my weapon throw and endup trying to picking up a gun to the detriment of my health its not fun (but its madness you fuckin expect me to not play this? what are you a psycho?)
  5. giroexspress

    bug Still going

    Hey ill have you know i read this and it reminded me of a thing that has always been a problem since you could become mag agents (or was it anything larger than a mag agent) and i posted it to the thread that reminded me of it. the game is in beta and updates fuck shit up doesnt matter that its a two man or one man team if the update makes the beta less fun than its worth talking about and im perfectly aware about the shit involving the story they constantly say that the priority is to FINISH THE STORY so of course minor bugs that dont prevent you from finishing the story will fall by the wayside but I DIDNT GET THE GAME FOR THE STORY i want to run around doin shit with a bunch a randos doin bullshit and the updates kinda mess that up every so often. i want them to fix shit tell us what they change and for the game to be out but im not exactly gonna force anyone for shit (not that i could) so ill say shit that urks me about the game in places i deam it appropriate and i dont need you spouting about shit any backer would already be aware of
  6. giroexspress

    bug Still going

    isnt it amazing that they still havent found a way to allow you to walk into the arena as larger character but hey the rest of the game kinda needs to suffer in order to finish the story and then maybe there'll be a day one patch before or after its release
  7. giroexspress

    party members perks in arena

    so everyone knows that your teammates earn their own experience for you to upgrade them in arena right? cus yeah you can do that its just you dont get to see what experience they get so if you want to level certain things up you gotta force them to do certain thing by changing their load-out
  8. giroexspress

    Firearms you'd like to see in the project nexus

    i know there are guns that can loosely fit these in the game already but we need 'the jackal' and 'casull auto'. fuckin big guns for big boyz to fuck big fuckin freaks
  9. giroexspress

    bug 1.10A sliding pickup bug

    Hey so for the moment never try sliding to pick up weapons cus if you hit a wall your character will seize up and become uncontrollable until they are moved in some big way (ie ragdolling or losing a corpus). this is especially infuriating with later murder room death traps especially the falling floor as you get stuck on the cover and then the quarter floor your standing on starts getting ready to fall and you gotta hope these schmucks can do enough damage to you to get free