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  1. in reference to that last one: rather then messing up dead bodies id prefer more interaction with them and the environment in general. if I remember correctly more interactivity is planned but just the ability to use dead bodies as makeshift shields would be great even preventing you from using melee weapons and any ranged weapon you cant use one-handed with the only downside is the inherent benefit people who chose to have more bodies stay on screen would get as each corpse that wasnt a mess of giblets was basically a free shield.
  2. just wanted a topic for people to talk about things they liked about the story (i didnt see an existing topic for this) personally l love the ending because given how the characters are it feels like this that was basically how they'd handle the situation and Deimos is still the best
  3. __________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ yellow 100 Outfit_Merc;Mask_Dissenter;Shades_N51;Hat_Deimos arena 1 Deimos 20;20;20;20 3;22;46 AAHW2_Engineer AAHW2_Engineer Deimos none none Tampering with the nexus has caused even the A.A.H.W.'s most stable of projects, like "ATP" to experience unexpected side effects, thus Varan stepped out of the long fog of his brainwashing, once a regular gaurd with unusually high compatib
  4. it was gonna come about eventually, so why not now? ive spent maybe 5-6 hours creating a few characters (mainly getting used to the system) and i thought "why not share while we wait for the full release?" so here's a place to do just that... if anyone is still so inclined.
  5. this is probably a lot on top of making this mod but could you also add like a folder of images for the armor pieces so we know which is which? because some not all the names are straight forward. sorry if you're already working on it
  6. also want to ask, could you do something to change the player character's blood color? that is oddly one of the most anticipated things for me mainly because its all about being a defective ATP solider for me and havin the option to nexus it up is also great. generally things to contrast against the dominating RED of the madness series.
  7. after maxing out arena characters and beating everything up to the final bit before everything was wiped with an update this kinda mod is great for squeezing more fun outta the game. its kinda like how old game would give you cheat codes for beating it so you could just faff about rather then redo everything again only to be in the exact situation as before waiting for stuff
  8. the 2BDamned face filter will literally disappear of my character and outt've all my inventories every time i go outta arena mode or close then open the game. its the only item, im aware of, that does this
  9. i also want to make it clear that these two suggest are related, as in, i know that some weapons have more magazines starting out (not including weapons with single shot reloads obviously) but the addition of more magazines and the further balancing of ammo distribution taking into account the second suggestion is what i was getting at
  10. in my opinion two main things need to be done First: magazines, smaller weapons should get more mags for storing while big weapons get less obviously balanced based on damage, ammo capacity of a mag you know the usual fair. a pistol with one mag is far different from an assault rifle with one mag. Second: tac damage. essentially different weapons should do different tac damage especially based on how its fired for example firing an anti tank rifle from the hip will do tac damage but holding RMB and firing should ignore Tac entirely. this makes it so that more accurate g
  11. Pirating is pirating and these guys arent Nintendo. the reason more people cant play the game is because there shouldn't BE more people to play the game that isnt finished. people who financially supported the game (to an extent) are getting beta copies to test and run wild with and if you missed the chance then you'll just wait until it releases... or dies. to my knowledge this game was never on sale on steam its merely listed cus thats were it'll go up when its done. and lets be real, you'd (not you specifically but you get the idea) probably pirate the game even if it was being sold as i sp
  12. this is the first (and so far only) game ive backed and honestly while ive pirated before and probably will in the future you really shouldnt be comin to the games offical forums and basically say "hey guys update my pirated game". just play whatever version you're able to pirate, tell the devs about bugs you find and then buy the game when it releases.
  13. ok. just hope something is done about that pickup dive, id even go for being able to turn off acquired skills because MY GOD standing a grunt foot away from a gun leads to my guy diving halfway across the helipad and falling down some stairs. that shit is to god damn sensitive
  14. Build: v1.13.e Bug 1: in the first level off arena and really any level that the enemies teleport in occasionally if you go through a wave fast enough one or two enemies spawn outside the room. you can usually tell that they spawned improperly rather than not spawning at all because your partner will automatically face their direction. Bug 2: the kick/dive pickup perk is really inconsistent and can lead to diving off the side of the map very often when the player is almost a step away from the weapon Bug 3: party members will occasionally get stuck facing one direction. this cou
  15. I personally hope that upon like 90-99% completion MPN2 will have all the weapons and costumes from MPN as well as more color variants of clothing. if not a full blown customization color version for the more flashy outfits and accessories then maybe variants with colors from RGB to CMY
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