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  1. Mateusz

    bug There were no ammo

    Version 1.12.D,there were no ammo,but this
  2. Mateusz

    arena Invisible weapons

    Version 1.12.b,there are invisible weapons 20190414_215007.mp4
  3. Mateusz

    bug It does not go down

    Version 1.11.c,the elevator did not go down 20190217_204322.mp4
  4. Mateusz

    bug Falling down

    Version 1.11.a,Hank,Sanford and Deimos were fell down a little 20181220_174956.mp4 20181220_174956.mp4 20181220_174956.mp4
  5. Mateusz

    bug Shooting

    Version 1.10.b,I was not able to shoot an enemy 20181213_214333.mp4
  6. Mateusz


    My suggestions about the game: I thought that Interactive Mode may have an option to choose rooms from the Story Campaign stages. I thought that one of the stages could have a boss fight while driving. Maybe in the future I will have more suggestions for the game.
  7. Mateusz

    bug Still going

    v1.10.b,In Interactive Mode when changed to Bandit Brute,Bandit Brute kept walking without holding the key 20181111_212038.mp4
  8. Version 1.10.a,I was not able to revive Sanford 20181102_205828.mp4
  9. Mateusz

    Madness Project Nexus 2-changes

    Will there be any changes when Madness Project Nexus 2 will be in early access on Steam?
  10. Mateusz

    story mode No continue

    1.09.b,when I fought and lost the battle with Dr. Crackpot there was no end and I was not able to restart or exit the stage,it was only one time