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  1. im a sift heads fanatic, played the series growing up. street wars was fucking awesome, too bad the devs went up and sold the series rights to nobodies who aren't doing anything with the games.
  2. Are there no cities nearby? was the facility just placed in a wasteland? i thought it was a city. If not, just run.
  3. Get back up and run away, maybe to the city.
  4. wait ignore that i was behind
  5. We don't know anything really, we have no items to heal him.. It'd be better to leave him, no? We need to figure out why we're wanted by those guys earlier, why we woke up there, and yeah, just about everything. Let's continue into the city we were in and look for answers.
  6. Snatch your gun back from Garry and tell him to fuck off, he can't fight, hes a liability.
  7. Tell him that you're not playing around and that you want an answer, otherwise he'd be good as dead.
  8. Ask him who he is and why he's here.
  9. So, with this interactive do you have things planned or are you just doing this and making stuff up as you go? I'm just wondering. Also, I ran a similar thing in the madness discord so its always nice to see people giving their own twist to it, I always loved interactives.
  10. I'd recommend my option since we'd be saving ammo
  11. Keep on smashing the back of his head with the axe to make sure he doesn't get up. Then, quickly loot him of his shit. Search the stalls for anything, then head up.
  12. I was into RDO for like a week until I ragequit and my PS plus membership expired. The few MMOs I consistently played were obscure ones (that died.) Specifically, Sift Heads Street Wars. That game was fucking awesome, would be amazing if the devs made a return.
  13. It doesn't seem that we're doing much with our bullets, close the door, barricade it with the fire axe, run into the room above via ladder.
  14. Well shit, surrender. Trying to fight these guys with miles better weapons would be suicide, and we'd get tangled up with the monster downstairs to get far enough to have ran away.
  15. Do a quick turn behind you to see what it is.
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