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  1. The Swain

    bug Sciencetower v1.11a bug

    It might have to do with having the morningstar in your hands when you leave the stage. There will be a new update out shortly that will resolve a lot of issues related to that weapon. Hopefully we'll see if this particular issue goes away with this fix.
  2. The Swain

    bug Tutorials bugged

    Got this one fixed up, thanks!
  3. The Swain

    bug Arena mode pathfinding bug v1.11.A

    I found the cause of the bug, it was totally replicatable. Issue came from the new Pathfind revamp, when traveling between rooms (I'm sure you guessed)
  4. The Swain

    bug Arena mode pathfinding bug v1.11.A

    Did this happen again on a second play of that tutorial stage?
  5. The Swain

    bug 2 bugs i found in v1.11.a

    The turrets were a stupid holiday error - the game was trying to assign them Xmas hats : | The second isn't happening for me on testing - it's likely it's because of the same issue with the turrets.
  6. The Swain

    bug 1.10A sliding pickup bug

    Gonna check it out today! Finally back from vacation.
  7. The Swain

    Email Issues

    If you can send us some kind of proof of purchase, such as the order number of the payment you made via Paypal, I can send an email with the keys anywhere you like. Just send that info to us at teammadness@projectnexus2.com.
  8. The Swain

    bug [v1.09.a] N51 Shooting Glasses

    Late reply, but this should be fixed now ?
  9. I think what might help there isn't to make the solution more obvious, so much as to make the fact that there's even a puzzle there more obvious. I know what it's like in point-and-click adventure games where you get to a room and see you're stuck and think you just haven't found the right item for the job yet, when in fact you're right where you need to be and just havent tried something yet. If we make it more clear that you're SUPPOSED to be solving a puzzle, it might work better.
  10. (As a rule, if you find an infinite ammo box somewhere, chances are it's there for a reason)
  11. We actually had to add those sparks and the CAUTION! tape just to make it more obvious. We thought those big power lines leading from the generator to the lever fence would be enough :X
  12. The Swain

    Dash Attacks

    I've been tempted to have it activate when using MMB so that ranged attackers have the opportunity to use it as well. Since it's considered a melee attack, in the next update you'll be back to being able to dodge-cancel it again (somehow that got taken away in the previous update) so you won't be totally defenseless. If there are more complaints about dash attacking after that, I might consider binding it to ONLY the MMB. When we have key binding added to the game, I wonder if it'd be easy to let players decide where to bind it...
  13. The Swain

    If you wanna have fun

    One way or another, we're gonna have SOME kind of modding available. Like, anyone who is fine learning Unity and messing with my bizarre code could at the very least produce weapons and armor and such. Or reskin existing stuff.
  14. The Swain

    bug The Fan in Murder Room 1

    The gore system in the game underwent a MAJOR overhaul. The fan works with its own system so it might not have been connected to the gore system properly. Strangely, the gore isn't even what's causing it. It's the auto-kill zone you fall into in the pit. For SOME REASON, I had the logic wrong and it was removing all "non essential" enemies that fell into it, rather than just killing them.
  15. The Swain

    bug Elevator bug (v BETA 1.09.b)

    Thanks for the report - I don't know why Unity is doing that, but I can confirm it's a Unity issue and not something we did wrong. I've got it fixed on my end now, so the next update should have it cleaned up for everyone.