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  1. Yeah, sure. But, it's up to you all in all. Have a good night!
  2. Well, alot of that is behind the scenes kinda of stuff. Most of that is stuff I need to work with in order to make all the fights work out and such. Hell, i'm sure you could jump right in just knowing how the turns in fighting works and things would work out.
  3. Ah, sorry, I didn't see the very bottom one. I was seeing in terms of that section. Then 3rd from the bottom, in that case.
  4. It's the 2nd link from the bottom on the master sheet. Just make a copy of it and edit it from there, if you want.
  5. Eh, let's move the rest of this to the Junkyard Thread
  6. Up to you. I'd need another two or three people, however. I can answer any questions you have.
  7. Had 6000+ replies with the first one. But, everyone is busy now it seems. Its not as complicated as it looks. Most of it is just information for me, as all the numbers stuff is stuff i'll be working out, not the players.
  8. Eh, trying to garner attention in some way. It's all good though
  9. Here is a free space to ask or comment about whatever you feel like so long as it pertains to resources or aspects of NFRP 2nd Edition I do have a Discord specifically for NFRP, but its access is limited to those I have met and have personally given a link.
  10. WELCOME! To the much anticipated [And very late] 2nd Edition of the Nexus Factions Role Play! For those that have seen or played in the 1st NFRP, you will be pretty familiar with the rules of this new Edition. However, there have been a multitude of changes, enhancements and tweaks to the existing systems of playing. For which, I will provide a link to the 2nd Edition Master Sheet [NFRP 2nd Edition Master Sheet] https://docs.google.com/document/d/1lw31TsaGrf6CQ0XMI1MVBfq8kS88KSmYed2CS6nyzuU/edit?usp=sharing It is recommended that all players read through the 'How 2 T
  11. [Did not realize you posted so long ago. Sorry about that.] "Yes, that will be all. Thank you for your time." At which point you were whisked off to where ever you were. It was much like a blink. At one moment you were stood in that weird room, the next you were back. [I think that is about all that I needed to test. Once I get more of the sheets filled out I can start the actual Role Play]
  12. Ignoring the question, Mr Suit takes the last weapon which was slung off his opposite shoulder: the Dragunov. Miss Seer jots down a few more notes before saying: "It is necessary. It'll be over in a bit." But doesn't elaborate any further. Mr Suit then fires 1 round into your chest 1 bullets make contact Each bullet does 45 Damage You armour absorbs 15 Each bullet does 30 damage * torso multiplier = 30 Damage You health is now at 30/60Hp {So, one shot from a weapon of that high a level will kill you in 2 shots, baring y
  13. "As in, that it is a proper counter against the specific armour you are wearing. Just powerful enough, as it were." Miss Seer said. At which point, Mr Suit fired another burst at your head. 3 bullets make contact Each bullet does 18 Damage You armour absorbs 15 Each bullet does 3 damage * headshot multiplier = 18 Damage You health is now at 42/60Hp
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