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  1. After playing multiplayer with my brother in campaign, the mission where we first meet gestalt bugged out and the screen turned black at the end. Frustrated, I went to play arena mode, with my crew members being kinda buggy, with only 2 names listed on the right side of my screen, yet all 4/5 of my crew members still followed my command. The 5th, however, didn't move, only for us to realize that it was being controlled by my brother. Excited, we tried playing an arena match, only for all crew members to revert to normal, meaning he couldn't control anyone, and all 5 names were listed on the right side of my screen. Interestingly enough though, I then pressed pause, toggled the "player one is controller" function, then turned it back off. Right after turning it back off, my brother was somehow able to regain control of the crew member. So this is basically an early way to play multiplayer in arena mode! Please let me know if you guys could replicate it. Here's a pic of me replicating the procedure using a freshly created character. [Edit]: Again, all one needs to do is just press pause with at least one crew member currently following you, and then toggle the "player one if controller function" on and back off. This also seems to turn any other crew members into non-moving players as well, so maybe there's a possibility to play more than just 2 players, but I'm not entirely sure. And if any crew member dies, the game will perceive it as if you died, meaning the match must be redone.
  2. kingdom021

    Arena mode suggestion

    They do normally disappear when equipped to your primary or secondary slots, but if the throwables are equipped to your grenade slot then they will regen every game.
  3. Clicking it fast doesn't seem to do anything, and the most recent update hasn't fixed the issue for me either. I'm not really sure what else to do.
  4. Unfortunately that doesn't seem to work either, pressing ctrl just activates the command squad function. The game just seems to think that I have a 2nd controller plugged in at all times, regardless of whether I do or not, meaning the AI companion doesn't move at all, making it not-so-fun to play any mission with 2 characters.
  5. Since the update that added multiplayer, I am unable to control the companion that I travel with in story mode, as he just stands in one place, doing nothing, awaiting input from a nonexistent controller. If I connect an xbox controller, a 2nd player is able to control the partner and can control them fine, it's just that I can't progress as a single player, as the camera won't focus on me, and will stretch incredibly far if I walk away from my companion. I tried turning off my bluetooth to see if maybe a random connection was recognized as a controller, but it didn't work. I also tried hitting x to switch to my companion, and the game doesn't let me even switch to them. I don't know what to do.
  6. They are incredibly difficult to retract, but I was able to pull it off after continuously activating the pistons for a while. It's possible, but there could definitely be some tweaking involved, just to reduce frustration.