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  1. SlygorTheThird


    I'm basically hopeless with file things so both would be greatly appreciated! Thanks a ton my dude. You are a life saver!
  2. SlygorTheThird


    Oh man that would be a huge help if you could! I don't like to cheat of course but god I agree with you on that train car section, that was actually the last thing that stopped me from progressing any further. This game is really good but MAN, whoever balances the difficulty must be a god or something because while easy is probably like, relative to the other difficulties, I still get curb stomped every other second for the most part This would be a huge help though!
  3. SlygorTheThird


    Hey look it's me back to bitch more about this game! Even if I do actually really like it, its just I like it in a way where I can get very very upset at some of its flaws SO, the new update, really liking it so far, fixed some issues and I find my characters don't get stuck in doorways nearly as much, great!. Also deleted my save of story mode so that was fun. Ive gotten to Jorge and Church punish you for playing the game fight 3 and just my luck, the game decided to have a fit or something and now Deimos and Sanford are stuck in the arena for the rest of fucking time I guess. Oh well! BUT this isn't a bug report, more a cry for help. PLEASE MAKE A USELESS BITCH DIFFICULTY LEVEL OR SOMETHING, I REALLY DON'T MIND HOW INSULTING OR DEMEANING YOU WANT I JUST NEED SOMETHING I get that the mining sector is supposed to be hard, but considering the fact the game really likes breaking from time to time (Not really something that can be avoided I get that). I can't keep replaying these long ass levels only to have the game decide its gonna freeze up on me or have an enemy spawn outside of the map or something. Hell, even just adding checkpoints or SOMETHING for easy mode would make it better. So like TLDR: I'm bad at your game and think easy mode could be even easier. If this is how hard the mining sector is I can't wait for the science tower to actually just give me a heart attack.
  4. SlygorTheThird

    So uh, that difficulty huh

    That Makes alot of sense all things considered. But that still doesn't excuse the fact Its growing old killing dr crackpot only to have everything get fucked by that unnecessarily long mine cart section it wouldn't be NEARLY as bad if the zed and aboms actually ATTACKED THE CULTISTS, they seem to ignore them and make a fucking beeline for me
  5. SlygorTheThird

    So uh, that difficulty huh

    At this point, I think ive had my ass kicked so often in story mode I barely HAVE an ass anymore. Im kind of wishing there was a "worthless bitch" mode for people like me. Or just so that when Demios decides to leap off the minecart right into gestalt I won't suffer THAT badly.
  6. SlygorTheThird

    Who's your favorite enemy to fight!

    Considering im trapped in mining sector hell, Ive killed more buyoant and cultists than I know what to do with.
  7. SlygorTheThird

    bug [V1.09B] Boom factory pistons broken

    The bomb factory in the industrial zones pistons are bugged, when I try to stand on the one that leads to the bridge over the wall of flames, the collisions must be broken or something as I just kind of sink into it and get stranded at the bottom, unable to progress in any way.
  8. Basically, after the truck crashes in the prologue I try to progress via the green arrows on the floor (this is after you lower the bridge over the chasm) when I step on it, all that happens is the screen changes to the next one, but hank no longer moves. I can't change character, I can't access the menus, everything just freezes up but like, the game is still running? So Hank is just stuck standing there doing nothing, once or twice hes triggered the back arrow and simply changed screen but STILL not moved.